Make Up Always Looks better with Primer

I think most of us will agree with the above statement, which is now at the forefront of the latest video campaign from the legendary Californian make-up studio, Smashbox. Smashbox have a large range of Primers, including their award winning Photo Finish Primer, which was award a Company beauty award last year.

So what are the reasons for wearing Primer? To put it simply, everything that goes on over the top looks instantly better for having primer at the base. A good primer can help even the skin tone, can minimise the appearance of fine lines and pores and can provide the perfect base for foundation, helping it to last longer on your skin.

SB_C1M6_430Smashbox are real experts when it comes to Primers. Their cult Photo Finish foundation primer is a wonder buy that has been included in Vogue as one of the top ten primers on the market today. But this is only a fraction of the Smashbox/primer story. There are Primers for the soft, under eye area, products that work on the eye-lids, primers which are designed to lock in stronger eye colours and therefore make eye shadows more vibrant for longer, and a new range of products which can tap into your own problem areas, from large pores, to dark spots. A product for everyone.

There are some great starter kits and also some travel kits and duo packs which make a great Christmas gift idea. Check out the Smashbox website for more great products.

5 thoughts on “Make Up Always Looks better with Primer

  1. I totally agree. Face and eye primers – both essential. I do though have a bit of trouble finding ones I like. Some are really dry and chalky; others are too thin and watery. Currently loving By Terry and Kevin Aucoin primers. Tx

  2. I’ve never used a primer – I don’t wear foundation on any other makeup on my face, and only wear a little eye shadow occasionally. I’m alway a bit cynical about the “need” for more products

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