Now Heat Holders have neck warmers too

Heat Holders has long been the brand I turned to when Winter comes around Their thermal socks are an absolute necessity on those cold, school run mornings, and are just the perfect thing to wear under wellies on days like today, when the rain is pouring and the wind is blowing a gale Now the brand is branching out, bringing even more products that are just designed to keep us snug and warm, even when the weather is saying otherwise The latest must-have product from Heat Holders is the neck warmer, and I was sent one to test drive.


Last week proved the perfect conditions for testing a product designed to keep you warm – the weather was almost biblical, with storms almost every day (I call them the school run daily – as they occur at 3.20pm, every day, on the dot – grrrr and brrrrr all in one.) The neck warmer, with its heatweaver insulation promises to hold the warm air closer to the skin, hence keeping you warmer for much longer. ‘Heatweaver’ insulation is a lovely, fur like thermal lining that is just so snug and warm from the minute you put it on, and it delivers on those promises. My neck felt really warm, and, as the neck warmer is designed like a collar style scarf (or a small snood) this doesn’t slip or move with the wind, keeping the warmth in place.


I love the design of the neck warmer, which I think makes it smart enough to wear with any sort of coat and jacket. The outer layer is a stylish cable style knit, and the sculptured fit, which drops lower on the chin, means this is not covering your mouth, but is still protecting your neck and chin and keeping out cold drafts.


The Heat Holders Neck Warmer is priced at just £9.99, which I think is really reasonable for such a great little product, and I think it would make an ideal Christmas present for anyone who suffers in the cold, or spends a lot of time in the great outdoors.

You can find the Neck Warmer here.

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