Heat Holders – Perfect products for the cold snap

This is the week when it seems that Winter has finally hit. The Midlands, where I live, has a yellow weather warning in place at least up until Thursday, with a 60% chance of snow. Mornings are extremely cold and frosty, night time is exactly the same. It is the perfect time to be trying out some products that positively love this weather. I am talking about some products from the Heat Holders range.

I am a huge fan of Heat Holders products, which I have reviewed and featured on the blog before. (You can check out previous reviews here and here. This time around I was sent a couple of different products, some of the men’s Workforce Socks that offer warm and protection for the feet. I was also sent something completely different, a very glamorous pair of Heat Holders ladies Leather gloves, that are beautifully presented in a gift box. I was excited to see if the products would live up to the standards of the  previous Heat Holders ranges.

Mens Heat Holders Workforce Socks

My husband Peter works outside a lot as part of his job doing loft conversions. In Summer this can mean a great suntan, but in Winter, especially in bitter conditions, this can be a very cold and uncomfortable time. Pete was happy to try out the Workforce socks, which promise to combine the original thermal power of a 2.3 tog rating with a reinforced heel and toe for heavy-duty usage.

The socks are a great buy, especially if you work outside. They are warm, and snug due to the elastication around the top, but they do not sweat the feet – they heat, but do not overheat. The reinforced toe area offers extra protection for that most vulnerable part of the foot, and these fit snugly under work boots. Pete has been wearing these since going back to work after the Christmas break, and they have already shown that they wash well. The soft fluffy lining gives them a luxurious feel that makes them a treat for your feet.


Mens Heat Holders Workforce Socks £6.99 Click to visit Heat Holders

mens workforce HH


Ladies Heat Holders Leather Gloves

Part of the problem with warm, thermal items is that they can sometimes lack style, and gloves are a key item when it comes to this problem. Leather gloves look stunning and elegant, but they can be very cold to wear, espeically if the wind can go through the opening at the top, leaving fingers like a block of ice. Heat Holders has come up with a solution to this with a beautiful pair of black leather gloves that combines style with warm.

The gloves are beautiful, with a pretty bow detail on the front that gives them a retro look. So far, so fashion. But then we look at the lining, which has the super fluffy Heat Holders thermal fur style lining that makes your hands feel warm and snug. What I also really liked about the gloves was the knitted cuffs which hold the gloves snugly to the wrist, this stops all the warmth escaping, and stops wind and cold getting into your hands.


Ladies Heat Holders Leather Gloves £24.99 Click to visit Heat Holders


The gloves are beautifully boxed, and are a great gift idea for someone with a January birthday, or even with Valentine’s Day coming up next year. At £24.99 these are really reasonably priced for genuine leather gloves.


*I was sent items from Heat Holders in return for a honest review.

Now Heat Holders have neck warmers too

Heat Holders has long been the brand I turned to when Winter comes around Their thermal socks are an absolute necessity on those cold, school run mornings, and are just the perfect thing to wear under wellies on days like today, when the rain is pouring and the wind is blowing a gale Now the brand is branching out, bringing even more products that are just designed to keep us snug and warm, even when the weather is saying otherwise The latest must-have product from Heat Holders is the neck warmer, and I was sent one to test drive.


Last week proved the perfect conditions for testing a product designed to keep you warm – the weather was almost biblical, with storms almost every day (I call them the school run daily – as they occur at 3.20pm, every day, on the dot – grrrr and brrrrr all in one.) The neck warmer, with its heatweaver insulation promises to hold the warm air closer to the skin, hence keeping you warmer for much longer. ‘Heatweaver’ insulation is a lovely, fur like thermal lining that is just so snug and warm from the minute you put it on, and it delivers on those promises. My neck felt really warm, and, as the neck warmer is designed like a collar style scarf (or a small snood) this doesn’t slip or move with the wind, keeping the warmth in place.


I love the design of the neck warmer, which I think makes it smart enough to wear with any sort of coat and jacket. The outer layer is a stylish cable style knit, and the sculptured fit, which drops lower on the chin, means this is not covering your mouth, but is still protecting your neck and chin and keeping out cold drafts.


The Heat Holders Neck Warmer is priced at just £9.99, which I think is really reasonable for such a great little product, and I think it would make an ideal Christmas present for anyone who suffers in the cold, or spends a lot of time in the great outdoors.

You can find the Neck Warmer here.

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Reviewed – Heat Holders Thermal leggings

There is one big elephant in the room that needs to be revealed before I write this post. I hate leggings. I have tried to like them, I got a few pairs in black to wear under shorter length dresses that I thought were a bit too indecent for me to wear with just tights, but frankly, I hated them. They wrinkled on my knees, seemed to roll off my tummy and just about drove me to distraction. My leggings were very quickly consigned to the recycling bin.

But when I was asked if I wanted to review a pair of thermal leggings from Heat Holders, I said yes very quickly. Why? Well, I’d reviewed Heat Holders thermal socks before and I’d been really impressed by how warm and soft they were. (read that review here.) The second reason was school run. It had become increasingly cold on the school run in the mornings, and as I was still insisting on wearing dresses, I needed to improve my level of warm layering. Thermal leggings seemed a great idea.

SockShop Heat Holders Thermal Leggings £8.00 click to visit Site

SockShop Heat Holders Thermal Leggings
£8.00 click to visit Site


And I was right, Heat Holder thermal leggings are brilliant. The first thing I would say about them is that the top resembles a thick pair of tights rather than traditional leggings, so that is how I wore them. They were also not as thick as I expected them to be, not bulky at all, so actually perfect for wearing under dresses and tunics. But they were just so warm and toasty due to the softly brushed inner which helps to lock in warmth. I first wore them on a really windy day, and although I was cold in general, my legs were not, and because my boots would easily fit over the leggings, the look was still feminine.


Wearing the leggings under a dress – just peering out from underneath.

A bit of a Carry on Film pose to show off the leggings a little closer.

A bit of a Carry on Film pose to show off the leggings a little closer.

The leggings have so much to recommend them. They are stretchy enough to be comfortable to wear, and they do not roll down over the tummy, or wrinkle at the knees. (I spend a lot of time playing on the floor with my son so this is important to me.) I also love the fact that they are long enough to go right down to my ankles – I often find leggings come up too short on my legs – another reason I have hated them in the past. The plum colour was another plus point. I wear a lot of pinks and purple shades so these are a great match. I am now going to invest in a black pair which will be very versatile.

The lovely soft brushed lining.

The lovely soft brushed lining.

These leggings are long enough to reach to the ankles and contain plenty of stretch.

These leggings are long enough to reach to the ankles and contain plenty of stretch.


These leggings are just perfect for anyone who spends time outdoors, whether it be working outside, watching children playing football, doing the school run, or just taking long walks on cold winters days. They retail at just £8, which I think is really reasonable for such a great product.