Moshi Monsters Weekend at The Sea Life Centre

One of my family’s favourite, all-weather attractions to visit in Birmingham is the National Sea Life Centre in Brindley Place. Home to all manner of deep-sea creatures, from Sharks to Stingrays, and all sorts of truly beautiful and unusual fish, the Sea Life Centre is the ideal place to add to your Summer Holiday must visit list, offering education and a whole lot of fun.


This Summer the attraction is even more exciting due to the arrival of the Moshi Monsters. Katsuma, Poppet and Monstro City’s number one Moshling conservationist, Buster Bumblechops, are on a mission to save the amazing marine creatures that are housed in the Sea Life Centre, and this means a whole host of fabulous Moshi based activities to enjoy during your visit.

DSCN8335[1]On Sunday, I went along to the VIP launch of the Moshi Monster partnership, taking my shark mad 5-year-old Joe with me. We started the day by visiting the new penguin enclosure, and were totally enchanted by the very funny little fellows, who seemed to follow each other all the time, diving in and out of the water. While we were enjoying the penguins we were joined by Katsuma, causing Joe to get very excited!


Just super cute.



10429465_613109385453833_5276029386202170418_nWe then moved on to the main walkway, where you can encounter some weird and wonderful fish. Some of them were so big that Joe was convinced they must be sharks. We had been given a booklet to complete the Moshi trail, where you are tasked with finding the missing marine Moshlings who are all hiding at SEA LIFE. These are hidden within the tanks and if you find the whole gang you can unlock Lubber the Whimsical Whale – the brand new Moshling, exclusive to SEA LIFE. Joe was too excited to complete the trail, but this is a great activity for older children.



Joe really enjoyed so many of the experiences at the SeaLife Centre. He loved stroking a crab, spotting the Hammerhead sharks in the water tunnel (his fave shark!), and he was so excited to see another giant Moshi Monster, this time Poppets, that he made us backtrack so he could ‘meet and greet.’ The very cute Beavers, and the 4d cinema showing a very special version of Happy Feet were also really popular with my little man.




You can join the Moshi Monsters Marine Force at the SEA LIFE Birmingham until the 31st August 2014. Click here for more information and to buy tickets.

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