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Mother’s Fashion in Diamonds: Things You Need to Know

Mother’s are the people who love their children unconditionally. This is perhaps the only love that does not need any reason or cause. It blooms automatically and stays forever. An excellent way to acknowledge this love would be through a gift of diamond jewellery, , preferably something bespoke such as those custom made jewellery in Sydney.

Diamonds are precious possessions that signify everlasting love for your dear ones. It is only natural to give presents of diamond to the person you love the most in this world. These diamonds could be bought as ornaments or as precious stones. Though it is a usual practice to buy diamonds as ornaments, you could also buy these as standalone gift  to your mother.

Diamonds are a girls best friend
Diamonds are a girls best friend


For buying diamonds you should approach a dealer of authentic diamonds. To make your purchase of this exquisite stone affordable, it would be wise to opt for discount stores. The best prices on loose diamonds would give the scope of making a purchase as per your exact needs.

Varieties offered

Buying diamond jewellery for your mother could be an exciting experience. Your choice of jewelry could be impressive with necklaces, earrings, bangles, and rings. In case you would prefer to gift something trendy, then fashion jewellery could be your best solution. Fashion jewellery has become quite popular due to its light weight, conventional and unconventional designing, and affordability. So when you buy for your mother, you should always be alert.

Before buying a diamond fashion accessory it is important to carry out a 4C test.

Marilyn in diamonds
Marilyn in diamonds

Carrying out the 4C test

While buying, a dealer carries out the 4C test of the concerned diamond. Determining the quality of a diamond is never easy as there are a number of attributes to consider, like carat, cut, colour and clarity. For a beginner or untrained buyer, it is difficult for selecting a diamond based on these attributes. By colour, a diamond could be red, pink, brown, blue, yellow or white. Only a seasoned diamond dealer would be an expert in carrying out these tests.

Any diamond is first judged by its colour. White and yellow diamonds are most preferred because of their brilliance and their brightness. The other shades though attractive are not much in demand. If however, you own diamonds of any other shade they could also be sold. Classified by clarity a diamond could have different gradations or flaws. A normally flawless diamond would appear absolutely clear to naked eyes. The cut of a diamond is a vital parameter of price determination for any diamond piece. In fact, the brilliance of any stone depends on its cut.

The most important determinant of the price of your diamond is its weight measured in carats. Cut, colour and clarity are physical aspects determined through visual examination. Only when you are satisfied with the visual characteristics of a stone would you plan to buy it. The most important parameter of price determination is the weight of the gemstone. The weight of diamond is measured in carats, and the higher it is the greater is its rate. For instance, the per carat price of a 4 carat diamond would be more than the per carat price of a 2 carat variety.

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Certification of sellers

Many of the diamond sellers are affiliated to societies like AGS (American Gem Society), and GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Being members of these societies you are assured of a justifiable deal whether you buy or sell. If you sell, money is paid instantly. These certifications also help in developing the consumer trust. However, for your satisfaction, it is better to check out with a few of these sellers before making the final decision of buying a diamond for your mother.


About the author – Vincent Warne is an expert mineralogist with a vast experience of travelling all around the globe studying minerals and other precious stones. He is also an expert in determining best prices in loose diamonds available in American markets.

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