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Popping The Question? Choose A Loose Diamond For The Ring

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If you are looking for the perfect engagement ring, no doubt you have a budget in mind and want to save money wherever you can. So, one of the first things you should ask yourself is whether it pays to buy loose diamonds and the ring setting separately. While some may say it’s way too much of a hassle, we disagree. In fact, we suggest it will save you money and give you the chance to create a unique ring – just like your relationship.

Why Buy Loose Diamonds?

While we all have our own preferences, diamond wholesalers like the reputable Diamond Brokers Queensland advocate picking out loose diamonds first and then choosing the perfect engagement ring setting to complement the stones. It’s the perfect chance to build your very own engagement ring. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when buying loose diamonds for an engagement ring.


  • The Cut


Loose diamonds are arguably the most important part of the engagement ring. Not only is the stone the most expensive part of the engagement ring, but it will also determine the overall beauty of the ring. A diamond that is properly cut will shine with fiery brilliance and make sure you are the envy of everyone.


  • Size, Colour, Shape, Clarity


You have probably heard of the 4C’s already, but we need to mention them when it comes to picking out loose diamonds. The stones come in a huge variety of colours, clarities, shapes, and sizes, and not all loose diamonds are created the same.

Depending the precision of the cut, a lot of diamonds will look brilliant and stunning, whereas others may look lifeless and somewhat dull. Keep in mind that the cut, clarity, colour, and size of loose diamonds will have an effect on the price of the stone.


  • Pricing and Budget


By buying diamonds loose for an engagement ring, though, you put yourself in the best position to choose a stone that is best suited to your exact specifications. Typically, when a store puts together an engagement ring to sell as a completed product, they match a uniform standard for the stone specifications. The objective is to piece together an engagement ring that will shine at customers, while affording the store the best and highest possible profit on the item.

By choosing loose diamonds, you can save on your budget and still get a visually exquisite ring. This can be accomplished, for example, by choosing a diamond with ideal specifications and precisions which will make the stone, and the engagement ring, brilliant, no matter what the diamond’s clarity, colour, and size may be.


  • Mounting


The best way to evaluate a loose diamond for beauty, quality, and precision, is by inspecting in its unmounted state. With a loose diamond, you can carefully evaluate all angles of the stone using the latest grading tools. You can check out every single side of the diamond to ensure that it the beauty and quality you have your heart set on. You cannot do this with the same effectiveness once the diamond is set on a ring.

Overall, choosing a loose diamond is a great way to ensure you present her with something as special as your love.

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