Reviewed – Aqua Sphere Seal Kid 2 Swimmask

My little boy Joe has been having swimming lessons for almost a year now, and has just won his second swimming badge (proud mommy moment!) He’s also reaching that age when he desperately wants to wear swimming goggles for his lessons, but I have to admit I have a real problem with this, for a good many reasons.

Joe with his first award.

Joe with his first award.

I am not a fan of general swimming goggles, they are often cheaply made and ill fitting. They often suffer for being  far too tight on your child’s face, or not tight enough and therefore letting water in. Hard to adjust and not comfortable to wear, I have found swim goggles to be a nightmare. But the Aqua Sphere Kid 2 Swimmask is a great product that combines a fun element with great eye protection.

Seal Kid - Clear Lens click to visit Aqua Sphere

Seal Kid – Clear Lens click to visit Aqua Sphere

Aqua Sphere are a leading name in swimwear and swim accessories. The Seal Kid 2 is the newest product aimed at protecting children’s eyes whilst swimming, and therefore making the whole pool experience much more enjoyable. It has updated the classic design of the original Seal Kid mask by further improving on the skirt that fixes the mask to the face, promising that this makes the product even more watertight. The Seal 2 also promises to be robust and durable – a good selling point when you see how children throw their belongings around.

My little swimmer was sent the new Seal 2 swim mask to test out. He was super excited, loving the cool case the mask came in, and also the fab bright colour. He was eager to test the mask out, but unfortunately, he then caught the chicken pox and has had to miss swimming lessons for a few weeks. Undaunted, he took his mask for a trial in the bath…and has been using it in the bath ever since.






Joe’s verdict was that the mask was cool. It didn’t hurt his face, and he could go under the water without any water going into the mask. He liked that he didn’t have to have the mask really tight on his head for his eyes to be protected, and liked the fact it covered more of his face than a pair of goggles – in his opinion, the Aqua Sphere Seal 2 was a huge hit.


I have to agree with his. The mask was just so easy to adjust with easy slide buckles on either side, it literally takes a minute for the mask to be adjusted to the right fit. I was also impressed with the fact that it offers 100% UVA/UVB protection – making it perfect to use when playing in the pool on your summer holidays. Add in the fact that the lenses are scratch resistant, and you have a swim accessory that your child can be using for years, making the value at £16.99 pretty good in my view.

The Aqua Sphere Swim mask is suitable for children aged 3+.

Many thanks to Aqua Sphere and Talbot PR for sending the mask for review purposes.

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  1. Great review!! I too don’t like my boys wearing goggles as they either usually leak or are too tight that they leave huge marks on their faces for a few hours after swimming. Might have to invest in a pair or two of these xxx

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