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Reviewed – Balance Me Products from Debenhams

Balance Me is an award-winning range of beauty products that pride themselves on the use of natural ingredients and oils in order to restore skin to the perfect natural lustre. As someone who suffers with combination skin that is both oily on the t-zone and dry around the edges of the face and neck, I was interested to try some of the Balance Me products currently available at Debenhams.

Product Review 1 – Radiance face oil 30ml

Cost £30 for 30ml

This little bottle of joy has become one of my favourite beauty products ever.  Coming in a fabulous glass bottle with a squeezy stopper that ensures the product is not wasted, this is skin nourishment at its best. The Oil smells amazing, containing eight oil extracts including Amazonian Buriti nut, Camelia and Rosehip oils. I chose to use it every evening before bed, putting it on before my moisturiser in a bid to remove some of the redness I get on my cheeks. There was a noticeable difference after using this product for a month, the skin was definitely less red , the skin tone was more even, and there was a plumpness to the skin that just made it look ‘better’. I love the idea that you can use this under make-up as a ‘pre-date skin boost’. All in all, a fabulous product worth every penny.

Balance Me Radiance face oil 30ml £30 click to visit Debenhams
Balance Me Radiance face oil 30ml £30 

Product Review 2 – anti-ageing face serum

Cost £36 for 30ml

If you are interested in preserving the elasticity of the facial skin, this is a fabulous product to try. My skin felt much tauter when using this serum. With a gorgeous orangey smell that I think comes from the Neroli oils, the anti-ageing serum claims to ‘firm, lift and plump’ the skin, and after use I would definitely back up these claims. Another squeeze stopper bottle that allows you to get the right amount of serum without making your skin feel greasy, this absorbs into the skin really easily and is best when applied morning and evening. Two drops are all that is needed – a little goes a long way. I used this after washing and cleansing, and then added moisturiser over the top.

Balance Me Anti-ageing face serum 30ml £36 click to visit Debenhams
Balance Me Anti-ageing face serum 30ml £36 

Review 3 – Intensive Wrinkle Repair Cream 50ml

Cost £36 for 50ml

When it comes to moisturiser, I love a thick cream that feels really nourishing and comforting, and I think the Intensive Wrinkle Repair cream is just perfect as a strong night cream. I suffer from very dry skin around the edges of my face and neck, and this cream aided the dryness and made the skin feel much softer. This cream is rich, it feels like a skin treat, with 15 essential oils it offers so much to the skins well-being and appearance. You can also use this in the day, but I think it works best as a nightcream due to the rich, thick quality.

Debenhams Balance Me Offers

TRY SOMETHING NEW GUARANTEE. For certain skincare products, A FREE sample of will be included with your orders so that you can try it first. If you decide it’s not for you, then you can return your UNOPENED full size product for your money back to your local Debenhams store or return online within 28 days in line with the regular returns policy.

There is also a free gift with any Balance Me product purchase.



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