Reviewed: Super Loop Bands

I hate loom bands! There’s a simple reason for this hatred which has nothing to do with finding them all over the floor, or clogging up the Hoover, or just appearing everywhere. The reason is I can’t actually make them. I tried with the loom, and failed miserably. I tried without the loom and kept snapping the band. With a five-year old boy who seemed to want a band in the colours of every premiership team, I was a total failure and a big disappointment.

Super Loop Bands £9.99 click to visit Interplay

Super Loop Bands
£9.99 click to visit Interplay

So thank goodness for the Super Loop bands set available from Interplay. These are bands that I can actually make. They don’t require a loom, and with thicker elastic bands, they can be used to create bracelets that are stronger, better quality and made to last much longer than the average band kit. Plus, they come in lovely colours that can be put together, or mixed and matched.

DSCN9647The kit is nicely presented, making it a lovely Christmas gift idea for both girls and boys. Although I would say the colours may be more tailored towards girls, my little boy Joe just loved this kit, not least because I could follow the easy to read instructions and could actually make a bracelet or two.


Really simple instruction book.


The illustrations are perfect for children making their own bands.


Taking shape

These bracelets only take a short time to be completed, and older children could easily make these for themselves. (Suggested age is 8+). For Joe, he was happy to help by choosing his colour (the blue is for his fave football team West Bromwich Albion), passing the hooks for the fastening and the bands. He was really happy with the end results and has hardly taken them off since they were made.



DSCN9662The kit can create around 8 bands (give or take the size of the wrist) and costs £9.99. This is a little more expensive than usual kits, but the quality is oh so much better than those picked up at the discount stores, and the packaging makes this a lovely gift idea.

*We were gifted the Loop band kit for the purpose of review. All opinions are my (and Joe’s) own.

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3 thoughts on “Reviewed: Super Loop Bands

  1. I am so surprised that this is still so popular, all the newspapers claimed it would be a fab for a few months. If only I had invented it!

  2. i used to use loom bands a lot when I helped out with a youth club and I can imagine they get everywhere! These sound great x

  3. Stacey has had her loom bandz since last Christmas when our American friends sent her some over. I thought she’d be fed up with them by the end of Jan but nooooo, she still spends all her pocket money on them!

    This kit looks awesome and so much better quality than the ones we always get!!

    Louise x

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