Six Useful Tips in Directly Purchasing Medical Uniforms From Manufacturers

Buying medical scrubs for your doctors and physicians directly from the manufacturers can result in significant savings for your healthcare institution. However, the producers may require you to buy a minimum number of items to avail of the discount. 

As an option, you can also look for their distributors, which can also offer quality scrubs like the Cherokee scrubs for men and women at a discount.

Exercise extreme caution when choosing a medical scrub supplier. Be aware of fly-by-night online companies that may defraud you of your money. As a precaution, you should enquire from people in your industry and conduct thorough research before selecting the manufacturer to supply your uniform requirements.

Types of Medical Scrubs in the Market

There are several types and styles of medical uniforms available in the market today. These dresses aim to give your doctors and physicians the professional look and protection while they perform their job. Here are some types of scrubs in the market:

  • Surgical scrubs-Generally, surgeons need sterile and comfortably loose clothing when conducting surgical procedures. Surgical scrubs meet these needs. These scrubs are usually disposable due to the bodily fluids and chemicals that stain them during the operation.
  • Laboratory coats-Physicians usually wear lab coats as additional clothing to set them apart from other medical staff. Manufacturers use easy-to-clean and stain-proof polyester and polypropylene materials in making the coats.
  • Female nursing scrubs-This type of scrub has a feminine style and pattern as it is for female nurses. It has roomy pockets and shapes to meet the needs of the nurses while on duty.
  • Male nursing scrubs– Scrubs for male nurses feature masculine styling, the unique placement of pockets and zippers, and broader shoulders to fit the male physique. Hospitals usually have the same color for both male and female scrubs. When looking for quality scrubs, you can try the Cherokee scrubs for men. 
  • Veterinary scrubs – This scrub is more odor-resistant and stain-proof than the other types because its wearer handles animals like dogs and cats.

How to Choose the Right Supplier for Your

Medical Scrubs

When selecting your medical uniform supplier, you should follow some guidelines to ensure that you get quality clothing at a fair price. Here are some suggestions for you:

  • Ask for referrals– Contact your network and inquire about their supplier of uniforms. Get their recommendations for the right supplier and ask the reasons why they recommend it.
  • Search for scrub manufacturers online – Visit the websites of medical uniform producers and look at whether they manufacture the clothing you require. You can make a short-list of your choice based on factors relevant to you, like its location, brand reputation, and production capacity.

Examine their products – Review the product descriptions, available sizes, and fabrics used to determine if they meet your needs.

    • Call or visit the manufacturer – To know more about their products, call or visit the company and inquire about things like the qualities of their scrubs, the allowed minimum purchase, and the availability of supply. 
  • Determine their mode of delivery, cost, and timetable – This is important, especially if the supplier is abroad.
  • Decide on your supplier – Choose your supplier based on your data.

Buying your medical uniforms in bulk can save you a lot of money. You can directly buy from credible manufacturers, as well as their distributors, to achieve significant savings.

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  • Mary G. Cooper

    These tips are a game-changer for me! I’ve always been hesitant about purchasing medical uniforms directly from manufacturers, but this article has cleared up a lot of my concerns

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