Stylish Television: The Queen’s Gambit

It seems like every other day I am writing about some super stylish series that is currently on Netflix. Last month is was Emily in Paris which had me drooling at Emily’s cool but kooky looks, some reminiscent of Sex in the City (it actually made me download some Carrie Bradshaw to watch all over again.). Next up was the latest series of The Crown, the one that introduced Emma Corrin as Princess Diana and reminded us all just how stylish and impeccable Diana was. And now it is the word of mouth smash The Queen’s Gambit that is making all the fashion headlines.

You wouldn’t think a series set in the world of chess would be put in the same sentence as style, but The Queen’s Gambit totally rewrites that rule. Based on Walter Tevis’s 1983 novel, this is the story of orphan and chess prodigy Beth Harmon, who has ambitions to be the World’s greatest chess player during the 1950’s and 60’s, but struggles with addiction to alcohol and drugs, even as she rises through the game.

Beth is played by the brilliant Anna Taylor Joy, an actress I enjoyed so much as Emma and who is truly a rising star in 2020. She’s received heaps of praise for her portrayal of the troubled Beth, and her incredible style is also making waves in the fashion pages. Her look, not least her red hair, which goes from a chic bob style, to Rita Hayworth style waves is eye catching and neat in its simplicity, totally channeling that early 1960’s Jackie Kennedy look.

The styling is very much a muted palette of black and white, navy and creams, colours which make Beth’s hair pop. The styling is very much early 60’s, the time before the decade was swinging, when ladylike elegance was still important, but we do then move onto a slightly more relaxed look, with polo necks, shorter length skirts and Rayban style shades giving Beth a more beatnik look.

Find out more about The Queen’s Gambit here.


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