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Summer Travel: Join The #Vanlife

Yesterday I posted about how the coming of Spring, and lighter nights and warmer days, automatically turns our thoughts to our Summer holidays. But the coming of Summer doesn’t have to mean that we have to go abroad in order to escape from the rat race. The upcoming Brexit, which has led to the weakening of our pound has led many people to looking more closely at the British Isles when it comes to Summer vacation – no need for passports, currency, holiday jabs or those lovely long queues at the airport as they bring in yet another way to scan your passport. The British Isles are full of natural stunning beauty, and with the choice of glorious countryside or fabulous coastlines, as well as cities that are well worth visiting, it seems that there has never been a time to enjoy a ‘staycation’.

One fabulous way to enjoy the best of British is by traveling around in a fully converted camper van. Sherwood Campers are a business who specialises in converting VW Transporters into vans that you can go travelling in, and are fully fledged members of the #Vanlife movement, showing that you can have both luxury and freedom as your van hits the open road and you travel wherever the mood takes you on the ultimate road trip.

Here are a few reasons why I think joining the #Vanlife movement could totally make this summer the best ever.

Luxury all the way

If you think of traveling in a converted camper van and your thoughts turn to a 1960s hippie style vehicle, or worst still, the Scooby Doo! mystery machine, then you really need to look again. Today’s converted camper vans are comfortable and luxurious, with heating, seating and bedding arrangements all sorted. You can make the decision between opting for something ultra luxurious (great if you are just in a couple), or something more durable and child and pet friendly. You can add a pop up roof for extra space and style too. The whole effect is one that is of style and comfort as you travel. There are many options available to you, including renting a bus or van from, this can certainly keep the cost of your holiday down.


Camper van travel offers great freedom for the traveler, you can literally go wherever you want to go, stay for as long as you want, and then move on to the next destination. These vans work so well for those who love a road trip, who love the chance to explore different destinations without necessarily have to book up ahead, and also work well for those who like to spend the summer enjoying festivals and free entertainments.

As long as you have petrol in the tank, the World really is your oyster. One thing that could also make your life easier is to invest in a lithium iron phosphate battery . This is an energy storage battery and can be used as a back up power source. It is very light weight and easy to carry, and can help if you decide to pitch up for the night in the middle of nowhere as you try to get totally off grid and enjoy the freedom the van life can bring.


Another advantage of choosing the #vanlife is that the cost can be quite reasonable when it comes to staying on campsites and holiday camps. Many holiday parks have space for campers and tourers that can be paid by the day and tend to be minimal when compared to renting a caravan on the same site. We have a caravan in Wales and our site also has a camping field and facilities including toilets, a shower block, electricity and power points and costs less than £20 a night. This allows you to enjoy a few nights and then move on.

Will you be joining the #Vanlife?


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