Caggie Dunlop – A winter masterclass

Some girls just know how to dress for the really cold weather. I can’t claim to be one of them. I don’t really like wearing trousers all that much, always feel overly warm in a winter coat, and I keep loosing gloves. Which is why sometimes I require a masterclass in the art of Winter dressing. Watching The Made in Chelsea Christmas special a few days ago, I got one from Caggie Dunlop.

Yes, the pouting one seems to have winter dressing down to a tee! She can do dressed down in utility style jackets and jeans, and dressed up in the most amazing winter cashmere cape (courtesy of Hayley Menzies!)  I’ve seen this side of Narnia. She knows how to rock a hat without looking like a teapot under a cosy, or some sort of Artful Dodger. And she has made a snug furry coat a part of her daytime and evening wardrobe, a great way to make your wardrobe work for you, especially if you own a Cossack style fur hat for that Dr Zhivago look.

So, onto the clothes. Caggie has been spotted wearing the gorgeous fur coat both in episodes of Made in Chelsea, and out and about in London. This is a look that is easy to replicate, fur coats are  everywhere on the High Street, and vintage ones can be picked up cheaply in charity shops (I paid just £5 for mine).

cotton traders fur coat £65 

Betty Multi Faux Fur Coat £40.00 

mixed faux fur coat £89 

Caggie also wore the exquisite cashmere hooded cape during the Christmas Finland trip. This is from Hayley Menzies and is currently available in the January sale for £224, a saving of £96. This is a beautiful luxury buy, with more than a touch of fairy princess about it. Caggie is not the first of the Made in Chelsea girls to be spotted wearing Hayley Menzies goodies,Binky has also been spotted wearing a monochrome shawl from the same company.

SALE // Winter Warm Cashmere Hooded Shawl Cream £224 click to visit Hayley Menzies

As well as fur, Caggie went for a more boyish look when she wore a parka style jacket at the Natural History Museum’s ice rink. Again, this is a very popular look at the moment, with parka’s being warm, practical and waterproof. They also add a touch of ‘Modrophenia’ cool to any outfit.

Wax parka coat £85

Casual clean parka £60

If you loved Caggie’s fur hat, how about this very similar one from Firetrap at USC. I think this is a really close match.

Firetrap Cosserprint Fur Hat £30

The final scene in the Made in Chelsea Christmas special was a special party for all the gang, featuring fake snow and a pretty awful version of ‘The 12 days of Christmas’. Caggie wore a great slouch front jumpsuit from one of her favourite retailers, Gorgeous Couture. Caggie wore a black version, which I can’t find an image of, but the suit is still available in black, blush and Khaki, and is currently reduced to £174.

Slouch Front Jumpsuit £174 

Made in Chelsea – Caggie Dunlop style.

The undisputed female star of Made in Chelsea has to be Caggie Dunlop. The beautiful blonde with the Pre-Raphaelite curls and the bee stung lips has kept viewers hooked with her will she/won’t she relationship with Spencer, which at the moment is most definitely off..or on, you can hardly keep up. But as interesting as the star-crossed lovers might be, it is Caggie’s wardrobe that always catches my eye.

Caggie is the most Bohemian dresser of the Made in Chelsea girls, she has that slightly mismatched, boho vibe that made Sienna Miller  so appealing in the mid noughties.

Caggie’s wardrobe is an interesting mixture of High Street picks, designer finds from Kings Road boutiques and exquisite pieces that she has found whilst travelling. She has a penchant for white, which looks fabulous against her tanned skin, and has a seriously enviable collection of designer tote bags. She puts things together in an eclectic manner, wearing leather beaded sandals for the Made in Chelsea wrap party, and clashing her printed harem trousers and wrap top during a recent episode of Made in Chelsea. No-one could ever accuse Caggie of being boring in her style choices, and that’s why she is always good to watch.



Made in Chelsea – Millie Mackintosh style.

I love Millie Mackintosh! She is the super stylish, gorgeous golden girl from Made In Chelsea who recently had her heart-broken by the cheating idiot that is Hugo. (Who, for some reason, reminds me of Neil from the Inbetweeners…but that’s probably for another blog. Why anyone could cheat on Millie is beyond me. As well as being super sweet, she is also gloriously pretty and always looks groomed and glamorous.

Millie is definitely an uptown girl. Whilst friend Caggie has a slightly boho feel to her wardrobe, Millie has a more tailored style. There is something about Millie that resembles a Californian Roller Girl a la Heather Graham. With a love of tailored hot pants in denim and leather, chic tailored jackets with just a hint of Chanel about them Millie thinks about the fashion box of glittery frocks for premieres. She also shows she understands fashion rules,  her legs are on display, but she pairs those sexy shirts with shirts and blouses that add a touch of the demure to the outfit.

Millie also  uses accessories really well. She never knowingly over-accessorises, keeping jewellery to a minimum, but she is a big fan of Zara Taylor jewellery, and often wears her gorgeous pieces on Made in Chelsea. She also understands the importance of a statement bag, sporting a range of clutches in nude shades and also holding a covetable Zatchel in the most beautiful raspberry shade.

Fresh and pretty, Millie always looks sensational, and is definitely a fashion star to watch, and has she is a High Street girl with a weakness for shopping, we should get to see some interesting looks.