The Stylish, Comfy Maternity Attire to Gift Soon-to-Be Moms

As a parent, brother/sister, husband, or friend, you might be wondering what gift to get a lady you care about who is expectant. Because you’re thoughtful, you decide you need to get her something that will not only make her feel great, but also make her pregnancy easier because of the gift’s practicability. So you settle on gifting her with a maternity outfit.

The decision of what outfit to buy for the soon-to-be mom might seem overwhelming at first because of the vast variety of options to choose from. However, you’re decision becomes a whole lot easier when you start with the basics: giving priority to style and comfort. The body of a woman goes through significant changes during pregnancy.

The options are numerous and you wouldn’t want to hold back because this is a special gift. Therefore, the best approach to take might be keeping in mind things you need to avoid when buying maternity clothes as a gift. Here are a few tips.

No seams at the waist

Seams on clothes will cause discomfort around the waist area as her belly expands. In addition to getting her clothes that make her look great, you want those clothes to last her throughout the period of her pregnancy. So make sure whatever outfit you buy for her is seamless at the waist so that her belly easily grows into it.

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Classic silhouettes are a safe bet

The simplest outfits are usually the best when it comes to gifting maternity attire to expectant moms. Admittedly, they may not seem as exciting as dresses with elaborate designs. However, expectant mothers are most likely to wear the simplest dresses in their wardrobes most often because comfort is crucial, especially in the summer.

Think layers

It is often the case that during the second trimester where an expectant mother’s belly is in a sort of transition phase, a cardigan becomes increasingly preferable. They could easily layer it over dresses and tops from Love Trendify such that it hides certain features while accentuating others, such as her cute baby bump.

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Favour darker colours

Maternity clothes with darker colors have the optical effect of making the expectant mother appear somewhat smaller. In addition to that, the dark hues have a way of hiding problem areas that may be otherwise conspicuous. These colors are also easier to match with other clothes compared to brighter colors.

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Flowing pieces are preferable

You need to be careful here not to get her outfits that are exceedingly billowy as they tend to make her look bigger. A go in-between option works best, such as a cotton blouse that hugs her body in all the right places while still ensuring she is comfortable.

Buy one size up

Choosing for her dresses that are one size up ensures that the expectant mother will be able wear them during and after the pregnancy. For instance, you might want to buy her are formation dress that is one size up. It would look great and fit without the belt during her pregnancy, and she can have it resized afterward.


Sofia P. Sanders has worked as a stylist in the fashion industry for 13 years. She has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to fashionable maternity wardrobe. Learn more about gifting mothers at Love Trendify.

Topshop’s New Maternity Collection – Adding star style to your bump wardrobe

We all cope with pregnancy in different ways. Some women absolutely love being pregnant and look gorgeous and glowing throughout. Others, like me, feel sick and ill, look terrible, and can’t wait for it to end. I felt awful throughout, and this made clothes very important to me – they were something I could control and a way of feeling myself. I trawled the internet for stylish items that would allow me to retain my own personal look – I just didn’t want to live in ill fitting, maternity jeans alone.

Luckily, maternity fashion is one area that has shown real improvement in style and choice in the past ten years, and this week Topshop has launched a great focus piece on their website where they have put together a series of looks that can take you from work to date night, from casual stay at home style to the weekend and the school run. It is great to find a key brand like Topshop, which has a real fashion forward ethos, concentrating on maternity fashion, and I have to say, from experience, that the Topshop maternity range is great – a stretchy vest top and black skirt were two items I purchased from the store when I was expecting Joe, and I absolutely lived in them.

I have featured the five key looks here, Office Look, The Weekend Uniform, The Brunch Date, The Date Night and The School Run, and also some stylish inspiration from some pregnant and amazing fashionista’s. So if you do have a happy event upcoming this year, and are looking for a little style inspiration in the meantime, step this way and have a look at what Topshop has to offer.

Date night Bodycon style


Reese Witherspoon

halle Berry pregnant

Halle Berry

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Casual Weekend and school run style


Holly Willoughby


Mila Kunis

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Brunch look


Blake Lively


Holly Willoughby

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Weekend relaxation


Jessica Biel


Kate Hudson

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The Office Look


Kourtney Kardashian



Zoe Saldana

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To view the complete Topshop Maternity collection, click here.