Lamaloli – Clothes that Kids love

If you are looking for fun and affordable children’s clothes that are perfect for play and everyday wear, then I would definitely suggest you take a look at the Lamaloli Website. is the online-shop selling branded clothing for boys and girls who love Disney, Minions, Star Wars and basically every other super hero or Princess under the sun. The clothes are fantastic quality, come in a great range of sizes, and are totally affordable – so important when kids grow out of clothing so quickly.

I was recently challenged by Lamaloli to see just how much I could get for Joe for £40. I must admit that this was a challenge I relished, but decided not to limit it just to Joe. My niece Renee is Frozen crazy and Lamololi has a great range of products dedicated to this particular Disney favourite, so I chose a couple of pieces for her. Unfortunately Renee is tiny for her age, so they may not fit for a little while, but the pieces were in the sale and far too good to miss. I have detailed them below.

 Disney Frozen Pyjama blue now £6.95 click to visit Lamaloli

Disney Frozen Pyjama blue now
£6.95 click to visit Lamaloli

Disney Frozen Long Sleeve T-Shirt cream  £5.95 click to visit Lamaloli

Disney Frozen Long Sleeve T-Shirt cream £5.95 click to visit Lamaloli

But now onto Joe. His current obsessions are Minions, so I was able to chose him some great pjs and a cool t-shirt from this range. We used loose cotton tea-shirts for when Joe does his karate practice, and these were really useful for this.  The Pyjamas were a great summer buy, short sleeved and with shorts rather than trousers,  making them great for sticky evenings.


Minions Short Sleeve T-Shirt grey £7.95 click to visit Lamaloli

Minions Short Sleeve T-Shirt grey £7.95 click to visit Lamaloli

We also chose a great Star Wars t-shirt emblazoned with Darth Vader. For some reason Joe loves the Star Wars bad guys far more than the goodies so this was a good choice, and again, this has been something Joe wears to his karate, but would also be perfect with shorts or jeans.


Star Wars:The Clone Wars Short Sleeve T-Shirt fawn £5.95 click to visit Lamaloli

Star Wars:The Clone Wars Short Sleeve T-Shirt fawn £5.95 click to visit Lamaloli

We completed our choices with some Phineas and Ferb long sleeved pyjamas and a pack of Skylanders pants. This made our total just over £40 for three pairs of pyjamas, 2 short sleeved t-shirts, I long sleeved top and 2 pairs of pants. I think this is amazing value for good quality products, especially as you can also get free delivery on all orders over £20.

Lamaloli has products that kids will love, and prices that parents will appreciate. Definitely worth a look.

Introducing Couture Crush

Every so often, a new concept in shopping comes along to excite and invite, Couture Crush is just one of those websites. The concept is really simple, Couture Crush offers you the means to sell your unwanted designer and vintage buys in a safe environment, you can also look for a designer bargain at the fraction of the RRP. And, most interesting, if you have something to sell, and want to buy something on the site, you can always offer a swap, hence the fabulous motto ‘see, seek and switch’.


Kaley Beardsmore, the brains behind Couture Crush describes some of their clients on the about page, saying ‘Our members are an eclectic mix of fashion conscience students looking to add a pair of Louboutins to a high street look, to young professionals seeking a Chanel handbag for the big boardroom seminars, to socialites and fashionistas looking for a rare find and something completely unique from our handpicked vintage collection.’ I would agree that all these ladies would love and gain from the Couture Crush service, but I think a group has been missed out.

In these label obsessed days, moms often spend a fortune on clothing for their young children, with designer labels being more popular than ever for fashion-conscious mothers with fashion-conscious kids. Labels such as Burberry, Stella McCartney and Marc Jacobs all design ranges for children, with Ralph Lauren and Ben Sherman being amongst other labels that are child friendly. The main problem with these ranges is that very young children grow very quickly, and so often the designer wear has hardly been worn before it is consigned to the pile labeled ‘no longer fits’. The idea solution to this is to be able to sell it on, and Couture Crush is a great way to be able to do this. You can either sell the items on at the price that suits you, or you can swap for something else, maybe clothes in the next size up for your child, or even a little treat for yourself!

Burberry Top currently available at Couture Crush.

Burberry Top currently available at Couture Crush.

Polo Ralph Lauren top currently for sale at Couture Crush

Polo Ralph Lauren top currently for sale at Couture Crush

Membership is free, and there is a  pre-sales authentication service from Authenticate4U. This is definitely a great way to make some money from items that no longer fit, you no longer want, or no longer need. Couture Crush is a great idea that I expect to grow and grow. Why not join today?


Back to School with BHS

With the final bank holiday of the year now in sight, and the summer almost over, all the thoughts of parents everywhere turn to getting the little ones (and bigger ones come to think of it) back to school. This means turning to the subject of school uniform. There is a lot of choice these days when it comes to buying school uniform, with almost all supermarkets now stocking very cheap items. But, I think that we need to look closely at quality when it comes to choosing the uniform, and that is why I would overwhelmingly choose BHS when shopping for Joe, both now, and in future.

Click to visit BHS

BHS have really come up trumps with their school uniform offering this year.  I was asked in June if I would be interested in test driving some of the boys pieces for the remainder of the school year. Joe was to wear the uniform that had been sent each day with the quality being assessed for wear. In addition, wash would also be examined – how many pieces of uniform have you purchased in the past that looked amazing on first wear, only to go all bobbly once it had been washed a couple of times?

Black Great Value Junior Boys Adjustable Waist Trouser Price: from £3.50 click to visit BHS

I was most impressed with the school trousers. In a lovely shade of jet black, Joe wore a pair in  aged 5. I often have a problem with trousers for Joe, who has long legs but a tiny waist, even adjustable waistbands often don’t adjust enough for my little tin-ribs. These were perfect, with a little growth room in the legs too. Additionally, I loved the mock fly detail, looking very smart, but without a fiddly zip for tiny finger to struggle with. A true zip is available on sizes from aged 7, but I think mother’s of younger children will understand why I love the faux zip aspect. The trousers washed extremely well, with no instant fluffing or loss of colour. Joe looked very smart in these and enjoyed wearing them too.

Unisex White 3 Pack Polo Shirt Price: from £4.50 click to visit BHS

I think the three pack of white polo tops is an absolute steal at £4.50. My son can wear either white or blue polo tops under their school jumper, but I opted for classic white, and the thicker cotton of these tops just shows the great quality. These polo tops are also great for P.E., and again, I cannot fault the quality on washing, the colour remains bright and the fabric soft and virtually perfect.

Formal Velcro Shoe Price: from £13.00 click to visit BHS

All the most stylish of little feet need a smart pair of school shoes, and the formal Velcro shoe are ultra smart and very reasonably priced. Velcro fastenings are a godsend for children who have not yet learned to tie tricky shoelaces, and are also a godsend to teachers of reception classes for precisely the same reason. The BHS shoes are both smart and comfortable, and Joe found them easy to put on and fasten.

All in all, I was really impressed with the BHS uniform, it washes well and looks great, and the price is truly reasonable. So if you have yet to kit out your little ones, I would pay BHS a visit.


And for girls…

Grey Junior Girls Pleated Pinny Price: from £12.00 click to visit BHS

Junior Girls Black Great Value Skirt Price: from £3.50 Click to visit BHS

Black Patent Mary Jane Shoe Price: from £14.00 click to visit BHS