Four fabulous floral frocks from Dorothy Perkins

Summer is the time to embrace all that is pretty and floral. Even when the weather isn´t brilliant, a dress in full bloom can make your day seem full of sparkle and sunshine.  Whether you are a sucker for the fullest of blooms, or prefer the retro elegance of chintzy forties tiny flowers, floral dresses are pretty and versatile.

And you don´t need to be a girly girl to really enjoy them. Witness Alexa Chung, who rocks an oh so girlie dress with boots or brogues, or Kate Moss, who can toughen up a girlie flower power frock with a biker leather.

Here are some gorgeous new in frocks from Dorothy Perkins – how will you style yours?

Charcoal floral print dress Price: £25.00

Blue floral fit and flare dress Price: £32.00 click to visit Dorothy Perkins

Pink floral fit and flare dress Price: £32.00

Willow floral prom dress Price: £38.00 click to visit Dorothy Perkins



5 Versatile Party Outfits for 2013

Some people have quite a busy social calendar, packed with special events and parties, which is great in terms of getting out and having fun. However, one problem that can come from having a wide range of events to attend is trying to work out what to wear.

  In the current financial climate, most people can ill afford to keep going out to buy new party outfits. This is why it is important to invest in party outfits that are versatile and can be teamed with a range of different accessories to create new looks for different events and occasions.

 5 great party outfits offering versatility and style

 By finding the perfect, versatile party outfits, you can look forward to always looking great when you attend these events while avoiding the need to keep throwing your money at one new party outfit after another. Some great party outfit options for 2013 include:


  • The classic black dress: Every woman should have a classic black dress as part of their wardrobe. These dresses are extremely versatile and well suited to a host of different occasions. You can team these classics up with different shoes, handbags, and other accessories to create a whole new look for each different parties.

  •  Maxi dresses: Maxi dresses are ideal for outdoor parties in the summer as well as for indoor parties at colder times of the year. This is because they can be dressed up or down depending on the weather and the occasion, and they can be teamed with a range of different footwear and other accessories to create a great look.

  •  Smart trouser suit: A smart trouser suit in a light colour such as cream or white can look great for parties. Depending on how formal the occasion is, you can wear the trousers with or without the jacket, adding a dressy top in the summer. Alternatively, you can wear them with the matching jacket for more formal events or in the winter.

  •  Cropped trousers: A pair of three-quarter length cropped trousers can look perfect for a party, as you can really dress these up with high heeled shoes, a dressy top, and a bit of bling. If you choose black or white trousers, you will find that these go with most other colours, which makes them even more versatile.

  •  Chiffon dress: A chiffon dress can look seriously stylish and elegant. What’s more, it is cool enough to wear to events in the summer while being dressy enough to wear to winter parties such as Christmas and New Year’s events.

 With a few of these items in your wardrobe, you can make sure you are never stuck for something to wear at a party, no matter what the time of year or occasion.

Boden: Brights vs White Hot

When it comes to summer I always find I have a schizophrenic wardrobe. On the one hand I am just longing to add colour of any description, from citrus lemons and oranges, to shocking pinks, azure blue and apple green (I even found myself taking a picture of a blue sky with green trees against it for colour inspiration. But on the other hand, when I start to think of my holiday packing I;m drawn to the cool, crisp, freshness of white, in cotton, and linen, with natural straw bags and gold or silver sandals to offset the starkness of the palette.

This season, Boden is offering you the chance to embrace both the colour and the blank canvas in their summer collections. There are beautiful florals in mouth-watering lemons and succulent pinks, with small flowers and large blooms to decorate, offering English Country Garden and tropical forests. Then there are the soft broderie anglaise dress and 1950s style skirts, all in that most basic and yet beautiful of shades.

What would you choose?


Marcy Top WA411 £45.00 click to visit Boden

Fun Shopper AM179 £99.00 click to visit Boden

Riviera Skirt WG487 (Was £59.00 ) now £52.51 click to visit Boden

Printed Cotton Top WA420 (Was £25.00 ) now £22.25 click to visit Boden

St Lucia Dress WH517 (Was £59.00 ) now £52.51 click to visit Boden

Mosaic Flower Skirt WG483 (Was £79.00 ) now £70.31 click to visit Boden

White Hot

Cleo Dress WH448 (Was £149.00 ) now £119.20 click to visit Boden

Sleeveless Ruffle Shirt WA443 (Was £39.00 ) now £31.20 click to visit Boden

Lace Dress WH436 (Was £169.00 ) now £135.20 click to visit Boden

Full Broderie Skirt WG480 (Was £89.00 ) now £71.20 click to visit Boden