The top festival fashion trends for 2017

It is that time of year again, music festival time. Music festivals are all the rage these days and can be a great deal of fun for all. Whether you attend the festival to partake in fun food and drink, find your new favorite band, or listen to an old favorite, this article will help you pick the most fashionable threads to wear this year. To find additional ideas, check out more festival fashion here.

If you are attending Firefly, Coachella, or Hangout Fest, one thing is in common. You will need clothes that are suitable for warm weather climates. Festivals often offer a low-key, “anything goes” kind of vibe which means that you can wear pretty much anything or very little for that matter.

Matching Sets. Crop tops and high-waisted pants made from the same fabric and pattern are very trendy this year. While it does not take long at all to put these items on, you will look like you spent a great deal of time styling your attire. Add some cute sandals and your outfit is sure to be popular.


Fishnet tights. An item that most would not think about wearing in hot weather, fishnet tights are a big hit at festivals this year. People are choosing to wear them underneath a pair of cut off jean shorts along with black boots.


Ringer tees. Highly popular in the 70s, ringer tees are back and trendier than ever. Most popular are ringer tees with a type of popular statement such as but certainly not limited to, “make love, not war.” A comfy tee like this along with a fedora, comfy pair of shoes, and cut off jean shorts make a perfect outfit for sitting on a blanket while enjoying the music and fellowship that is taking place around you.


Dungarees. Every so often dungarees become a huge trend and everyone will be seen wearing them. This year, overall style jeans and shorts are quite popular among teens and young adults alike. When wearing dungarees, add some personality to them by applying an embroidered patch or rolling the pant legs to make a cuff. Dungarees are comfortable and can be styled to be more casual by wearing some Converse Allstars and a simple white tee underneath. Wear your hair in a ponytail and you will look all-American chic.


Tie dye. This one is not much of a surprise as tie dye is perfect for accomplishing a fun, festive look with minimal effort. You can purchase a variety of items already tie-dyed such as shirts, shoes, bandanas, and shorts at your local mall. Or if you want a more personalized look, you can easily tie dye any item that you desire on your own. All you have to do is get a large container, fill it with cold water, and add some dye. Take parts of your shirt and twist into balls and tie with rubber bands. Dip slowly into the dye/water mixture and allow it to soak to the hue you desire. Allow the shirt to dry for a period of time and then wash it by itself so that any excess dye does not stain other clothing. All that is left is to dry it and wear it!


Style Classic – Hunter Wellies

There are some things in your wardrobe that can be classified as ‘style classics’. The crisp white shirt, a beige trenchcoat, the little black dress, you can probably name a few others. And when it comes to Wellington boots, only one brand really deserves to be labelled as classic, and that has got to be Hunter.

I’m not sure why Hunter Wellies have this cachet rather than other brands. British made and sturdy, these boots are the epitome of cool, being loved by everyone, from the festival going crowds wading through the mud at Glastonbury, to the country set who wear them on long, rambling walks through the English Countryside, accessorising with Barbour jackets and headscarves. My favourite way of styling Hunter’s has long been the sort of Land Girl/The Edge of Love style with chintzy dresses and chunky cardigans worn with the wellies. Think Kiera Knightley, Sienna Miller and Anna Friel, all channeling Debo, Duchess of Devonshire.

imgThe Edge of Love4

I totally love this look.


Kiera Knightley and Sienna Miller in ‘The Edge of Love’


Anna Friel and Rachel Weisz in The Land Girls

Earlier this year I was approached by Cloggs to see if I would be interested in reviewing one of their shoe products. Cloggs is a one stop shop for shoes and boots, with many premium brands available including Joules, Clarks, Converse and Barbour. But I was drawn to the great variety of Hunter boots, coming in a range of colours and lengths.

Hunter Wellies - Original Short - Red £69.99 click to visit Cloggs

Hunter Wellies – Original Short – Red £69.99 click to visit Cloggs

I opted for the original short boot in red. There was a clear, and rather embaressing reason for opting for the shorter boot. I have rather thick calves and had once managed to get myself stuck in a pretty pair of pink tall Hunters in a shoe shop in Taunton. I actually thought I was going to have to buy them, until my husband managed to pull really hard and released my leg. Cue utter red faces all around and a rather sheepish exit from the shop. I hoped that by choosing the shorter option I could avoid the boots being too tight, or getting stuck.



Dress Pearl Lowe Peacocks (similar here)
Boots Cloggs

DSCN6665[1]Thankfully, these boots are a great fit, they are neither tight around the calves, nor too loose around the foot. I always find cheap wellies to be loose fitting on the feet, and this in turn makes them uncomfortable, and too cold and draughty to wear for any length of time. The Hunter boots fit snuggly and this makes them feel like they are both protecting and comforting the foot. They are heavier than the wellies I normally wear, but because they have a cushioned insole, they are so much more comfortable, and hence, easier to wear.  I went for a size 5, although I normally like a 5.5, but the 5 is the right size, anything bigger would be too big.

DSCN6668[1] DSCN6670[1]I decided to wear my wellies ‘Edge of Love’ style with a Pearl Lowe tea dress that I have had for a while but really love. But I am also planning on taking my wellies to Wales at Easter so they get some real experience of mud, and will then wear them with jeans and leggings for a more outdoosey look.

The Hunter Wellies at Cloggs come in a range of styles and colours and are available for next day delivery.

Many thanks to Cloggs for the wellies – I love them!


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Style Icon – Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger was meant to be my style icon for May after her impeccable Cannes wardrobe, but due to a long Whitsun holiday, it felt like it was too late to focus on Diane’ s May style so far into June. However, a fashion focus on one of the world’s best dressed women was long overdue, so I’ve decided to feature Diane’s lustworthy wardrobe as a mid month treat.

Diane is actually a very talented actress, but if we’re being honest, it’s her wardrobe that really takes our attention. That, and the rather gorgeous Pacey from Dawson’s Creek who she is able to dangle on her arm, ensuring that she has every bit of our attention. They make the ultimate glamorous couple on every red carpet, and also have couple’s complimentary dressing down to a fine art.

So, what is it about Diane that makes her a style icon for the millennium? Firstly, I think it is that she is a style Chameleon, one who can change her look to fit any situation. At Cannes, she was Princess Grace perfect in glorious Dior, but a few night’s earlier her style was closer to Marilyn Monroe in gold Vivienne Westwood. So far, so spectacular. But anyone who has seen pictures of Diane at Coachella will confirm that she can do festival chic that equals that of Kate Moss, with simple maxi skirts and camisole tops, and straw fedora’s atop of that ice blonde mop of hair.

Diane looks her best when she channels icy elegance. In the 1950s, she would’ve been the perfect Hitchcock heroine, ice cool, but with an allure that promised a different Diane in the bedroom. Today she is the glacial blonde who shows the rest how to dress – a legendary icon of style in her own lifetime.

Diane – The Look