Skechers shoe picks from Mastershoe Myshu

It is no secret that I am a total shoe addict. When it comes to things to wear on your feet, I make Imelda Marcos look restrained. I may have about 200 pairs, which range from designer names (Westwood, Sergio Rossi, Salvatore Ferragamo and Bally are a few that I love), high street finds, charity shop finds, and cult buys like Swedish Hasbeens and Irregular Choice. Boots, shoes, sandals, flip flops, wellies – I have and wear them all. I just can’t resist a new pair of shoes.  ‘I just love the smell of shoe leather in the morning’ (guess which film I’m slightly misquoting???)

One brand that is popular in my family is Skechers, with my father, in particular, being a huge fan due to the quality and comfort of the designs. (It has been my Christmas present to my dad for the past two years as a matter of fact.) Skechers offer real comfort, great, all-weather designs that are also stylish and chic, and they are also seriously hard-wearing, making them perfect if you enjoy walking and outdoor pursuits, They are also a great idea for those who walk or cycle to work – just put your heels in a bag and give your feet a much needed break.

Skechers have a celebrity following too


Kim Kardashian


Demi Lovato


Naomi Watts

This season Mastershoe Myshu has a great range of Skechers in styles for men, women and children. They have Slip-on trainers, regular trainers and a lovely collection of pumps that are both practical and feminine. What I love in particular about the Mastershoe site is the extra help it gives you when you are choosing a design. An example of this is for the Sweet Pea Pumps featured below, where it gives you some feedback from customers that states that some have found this design to run slightly bigger, so you may need a smaller size. I think this is really useful and a great feature that other websites should adopt.

Skechers – My picks

Skechers Womens EZ Flex 2 Sweet Pea Pumps - Natural Cream £42.29 Click to visit Mastershoe

Skechers Womens EZ Flex 2 Sweet Pea Pumps – Natural Cream
£42.29 Click to visit Mastershoe

Skechers Womens Flex Appeal Obvious Choice Trainers - Periwinkle Pink £49.99 Click to visit Mastershoe

Skechers Womens Flex Appeal Obvious Choice Trainers – Periwinkle Pink
£49.99 Click to visit Mastershoe

Skechers Womens Go Walk 2 Slip On Trainers - Hot Pink £39.99 Click to visit Mastershoe

Skechers Womens Go Walk 2 Slip On Trainers – Hot Pink
£39.99 Click to visit Mastershoe

Skechers Womens Equalizer New Milestone Trainers - Charcoal Pink £49.99 Click to visit Mastershoe

Skechers Womens Equalizer New Milestone Trainers – Charcoal Pink
£49.99 Click to visit Mastershoe


The 7 Types of Boots Every Woman Should Have In Their Wardrobe

Boots are a wardrobe staple that just about everyone has in their closet. A great pair, when made correctly, can last you years and years, which is part of the reason why they are so popular. However, when it comes to the type of boots that are most popular, that is where you will start to see people differing.

Most of us can agree that you can’t have just one pair of boots – you need different pairs for different outfits and occasions. With these 7 types of boots, you will never have to make an “emergency” shopping trip for the right pair:

The Fashion Must- Have Knee-High Boots

Boots that go just to the knee are a sleek look for just about every personal style. They come in a plethora of colors and materials that can be simple or extravagant. If you are going for more of the riding boot style, you should definitely aim to get something brown over something black – but the black quilted versions are absolutely stunning.

If you can only invest in one kind of boot, these are the ones to go for.

Statement Cowboy Boots

This one might seem like more of a niche group instead of a boot that EVERY woman should own, but that just isn’t true. Cowboy boots for women are way more versatile than they’re given credit for, while typically worn for more casual events (unless you’re living in the southwest, or are attending a western wedding) they can be paired with most things you already own, skinny jeans, boot cuts (obviously), skirts and dresses of all varieties, leggings and more.  While usually beautifully stitched, patterned and adorned, they’re a great statement boot that’ll help your otherwise boring outfit pop while you’re out and about doing your daily business. They come in so many different kinds of varieties, it’s hard to choose, but once you find the pair you love, they’re worth the investment because they’ll last for years.

The Practical Winterized Boots

Winterized boots, like the recently popular Duck Boot, aren’t necessarily the cutest thing that you will ever see – but they are a practical piece of fashion for the winter months. Boots with thick tread on the bottom will help you from sliding around during frigid times, and the thick soft material on the inside will keep your socks from getting wet.

To look best, keep them away from boot cut jeans or flares and go for something slim – it is also totally acceptable to just wear these to the office and change into something different.

Super warm and fur lined.

Super warm and fur lined.

Always Chic Heeled Boots

Whether you get them to the ankle or to the thigh, boots with a heel are always going to be in style. Lower booties are perfect to pair with skirts or dresses because the heel is a lot sturdier than the heels on stilettos. For higher boots, nothing is more classic than the pointed black boots with a thin heel.

Be careful about materials and the construction of shoes that have a heel – you don’t want to go after shoes that look cheap or tacky, as they can ruin an entire outfit.

Heeled boots with pointed toe

Heeled boots with pointed toe

Funky Ankle High Booties

Whether you go for the flat variety for comfort, the shorter, chunkier heeled option for stability, or retro-fab skinny heals, ankle boots are the perfect way to show off your legs. You can pair them with a skirt or skinny jeans, and they will almost always be more comfortable and fashionable than sneakers or sandals.

Be careful about where these come up to, especially if you are on the short side, as they can make your legs look even shorter. Be sure to pick the ankle high booties that best accentuate your leg length.


Chic Rain Boots

Sometimes it rains, it’s a part of life, while some dread the rain and others love to dance in it, either way there’s no point in ruining any of these other boots because of this weather pattern. That’s why every woman needs to own a good pair of rain boots. In the past rain boots were more of a utility boot, however they’re done a bit of growing up in recent years, and are almost as chic as the other boots on the list. No longer having to look drab, while it’s drab out. Match your umbrella or your raincoat if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain, or buy a simple pair in black to match your wardrobe. If you want to go that extra mile and really don’t want the rain to get you down, there are even ankle-length rain boots out there that you can hunt down.



Boots with Edge – Combat/Moto Boots

Now, this boot might shock some people on the list. If you want add a bit of edge to your otherwise dull wardrobe, combat boots or motorcycle boots have been trending away from hardened biker or emo girls and trending towards being a fun and edgy way to spice up your outfit. They go with just about anything and add a touch of attitude and a hint of grunge to every style. They’ll add a nice contrast to a loose and flowy summer dress or skirt, or fit right in with your boot cut jeans. You can also find combat boots that have lace or glitter if you want to soften them up a bit. Combat boots have been classed up a lot in the last few years. Sure, they are still edgy, but they are also far more accepted than they used to be.

No matter what, boots are integral to everyone’s wardrobe – it doesn’t matter if you like to be fashion forward or you just want to be comfortable.

Fashionable Feet

Wondering what the latest in footwear is going to be this autumn?  The key word from designers and the couture shows converted to the high street is – fun!   The over-the-top decoration of the summer styles is giving way to young, colourful, and glitzy styles, and enough choice for even the most demanding.


Leisure styles favour the trainer-teamed-with-glitter look, so check out New Look for their black star stud lace-up high-top shoes online (pictured).  Worn with slim-cut black cords, these look stunning.  Boots have gone more basic, with a return to an emphasis on the chunky country-style, and the quality of leather.  Colours are tan, dark brown and black, to complement the darker colours fashionable for your wardrobe this autumn.  Cropped length trousers are back, worn with the latest Cossack style boots, or long boots in fake snakeskin.

                                                                      Black star stud lace up hi-tops from New Look; a snip at £12!


The theme of fun is reflected in the lacing used in many of this autumn’s evening styles, to intrigue and tempt and create an eye-catching look.  Long boots have been given contrasting colour lacing to match brilliant stiletto heels, and peep-toe ankle boots  are decorated with open-fronted lacing.  The challenge will be to find the wardrobe to match!  Velvet and damask are the coming materials, so how about teaming the latest in evening footwear with black or silver grey velvet trousers, or with one of the Medieval-inspired maxi coats in golden damask, trimmed with generous amounts of artificial fox fur? The look drawn from the latest blockbuster film ‘Anna Karenina’ is going to be all the rage this winter.  Keira Knightley’s sweeping skirts, fur tippets and exquisitely chic little hats will be appearing on the high street, along with the military-influenced details of frogged embroidery on jackets and stiletto heeled ankle boots.

Not forgetting comfort – those fun, stylish but comfortable shoes that form a staple part of every woman’s wardrobe.  There are some great styles to choose from this autumn.  Ballet pumps in plain colours or embellished with fun accessories, and in floral prints, are in many collections.  Casual wedges that lengthen the leg and look fantastic on anyone are equally popular, often in dark shades of suede – tobacco brown and mole grey.  Feet are going to be fun this season!