BHS captures the Middleton Look.

No longer seen as the shop where you could buy a sensible sweater for your maiden aunt, BHS has unveiled a truly stylish collection for Autumn and Winter. And it seems as if the inspiration has come from two very special sisters. Yes, there is  definitely a hint of Middleton about this collection!

From some seriously stylish wrap dresses, officially one of the hottest styles for the new season according to the Bible that is Grazia, to a red coat that echoes Kate’s love of the vibrant colour, to pretty pussycat bow blouses and dresses that owe more than a passing glance to a certain Stella McCartney dress worn by the Duchess of Cambridge for Prince Phillip’s birthday meal in June, the style and elegance of the Kate and Pippa just shines through. Here are a few of my favourite pieces from  this seasons new BHS collection…and a hint at what might have served for royal inspiration.

Wrap dresses



Sophie Gray @ BHS £40 click to buy

Sophie Gray @ BHS £40 click to buy


A classic red coat.


Crombie Coat @ BHS


Everyone needs a good trenchcoat.

check trench @ BHS

Red trench @ BHS


Pussybow doll

Sophie Gray @ BHS

Sophie Gray @ BHS

A totally fabulous, and fairly regal collection, from the revitalised BHS.

All  items available from BHS stores nationwide and from

Grazia admits It photoshopped Duchess Kate

She looked so beautiful in that Sarah Burton dress, but when she appeared on the Grazia commemorative issue, Kate, the new Duchess of Cambridge, looked decidedly slimmer. Grazia denied it had done anything to alter Kate’s figure, which included a miniscule waistline.

But now Grazia  have admitted that they did ‘Photoshop’ the image of Kate that they used, although they claim that the slimming of Kate was an inadvertent consequence of the picture manipulation, rather than the actual reason for it.

Confused? Well, it seems that the Groom, Prince William had selfishly been holding Kate by the arm in the original picture, ruining the Grazia cover. Grazia had altered the image, removing Kate’s right arm and creating a mirror image of the left arm. This had caused Kate’s waist to appear slimmer, due to the mirroring effect.

Grazia has said they  “would like to reassure all our readers that we did not purposely make any alternations to the Duchess of Cambridge’s image to make her appear slimmer, and we are sorry if this process gave that impression”.

This is just the latest case of photoshopping of celebrities. Kate Winslet, Madonna and Britney Spears have all seen pictures retouched,  sometimes without the permission of the celebrities.  L’Oreal recently saw trouble over images of the lovely Julia Roberts, whilst Britney famously released a before and after shot to show how subtle the work could be.

backdrop for photography

I think  it is disappointing that Grazia have been caught photoshopping images, particularly of someone as prominent as the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate’s figure has already been under scrutiny due to weight loss, so to create an image making her appear even slimmer is irresponsible. In addition, to not come clean about the issue for four months is unfair to the millions who read the magazine each week.

I left a comment on the Telegraph website today which I will reproduce here. I wrote; “I just hate the cult of photoshopping – the Frankenstein’s monster of photography. Kate doesn’t need tampering with in any way – and that includes giving her two left arms.”

Perfect Pippa – new style star.

Almost two weeks since the Royal Wedding, and it’s  still all about Pippa! Pippa Middleton is finding that life will never be the same again as fashion magazines are crowning her as Britain’s newest ‘It’ Girl and Style icon  to watch. Here are some of the fashion news stories that surround the style of the youngest Middleton girl.

1. Pippa may just be Kate’s style inspiration. It has been reported in the press that the now iconic blue Issa dress that Kate wore for the engagement announcement had already been worn by Pippa previously, albeit in a red version. Pippa is known to be a big fan of Issa dresses and wore the red version before Kate’s big announcement.

2. Cover  girl status. This week saw Pippa as cover girl on the cover of Grazia and Look magazine. This is leading to the bookies slashing odds on Pippa getting a Vogue cover before the end of the year. With Anna Wintour said to be enchanted by her, US Vogue is a distinct possibility.

3.  The Pippa effect = High Street sell outs. Like Kate, Pippa is a fan of upper end High Street fashion. The smart blue Zara jacket that she wore at the Goring Hotel on the day after the wedding is already a sell out, as is the Modulo bag. With this in mind, a new M&S press release has been sent out after Pippa was spotted wearing a short, double-breasted navy trench from the Autograph range, priced at £89. I’ve just checked the site and stocks are running very low, indicating that the Pippa effect on fashion is as successful as her big sister’s!

Yesterday, Pippa was pictured looking really summery wearing the lovely Talias dress from French Connection. This is bound to be yet another sell-out, from another of Pippa’s High Street fave stores.

Fashion-Mommy is going to be taking a keen interest in Pippa’s style, which could be particularly exciting if she accompanies her sister on the tour of Canada in late June.