Scoot Your Way to Work: The Benefits of Scooting Instead of Commuting

In today’s world, we’re all too aware of how important it is to remain active. But when we’re working all day and have a list of jobs to do at night, it can be hard to find the time to get active. Furthermore, finding a hobby you enjoy and want to get stuck into can also be difficult, especially when there are so many different fitness classes, sports and regimes available.

However, the answer may lie in a mode of transportation – a scooter! Find out why below:

You’ll Boost Your Fitness Level

Scooting provides you with a fantastic workout as it not only helps you to burn fat and calories, but it also helps to build up your core strength, coordination, stability and agility. Scooting builds your endurance levels and gets your blood pumping, which can only be a good thing!

You Can Scoot to Work

The commute to work is often one of the most boring, tedious parts of our working day, especially when you’re stuck on public transport during a lengthy delay. However, all of this could change if you starting scooting to work. Armed with your nifty little scooter, you can weave your way through the hustle and bustle, getting to work much quicker than you would if you walked. And the great thing is, you’ll also be getting a workout.

However, if scooting to work isn’t a possibility, you could take a scooter with you to go out riding at lunch time. Recent statistic revealed that the average worker only takes a 28-minute lunch break, which could be making them much less productive. Instead, taking a lunch break away from your desk and on your scooter could help to decrease your risk of obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Scooting’s an Affordable Hobby    

Unlike many other hobbies or sports, scooting is a very affordable hobby. Not only are high-quality scooters affordable, but you can pick up spare parts from companies like Proline Skates at an incredibly cheap price. This helps to keep you scooting along but without spending a fortune.

Other key benefits of scooting include how lightweight and portable scooters are, which means you can easily take them with you wherever you go (e.g. on the bus or train to work), and they won’t take up too much room. And, scooting doesn’t require full Lycra suits either, as you can even wear your work getup to ride one – a win, win situation.


5 things to consider before you invest in a home gym

Having your very own home gym offers convenience and privacy. You don’t need to travel far just to exercise or have to put up with sweat on machines and gym equipment. But before deciding to ditch the gym and build your own, you might want to look at these five things before investing in a home gym.

Location and space. Do you have enough space at home that can be converted into a home gym? The space consideration is important since this will be a place that will house all the equipment you will need when working out. When choosing a space, consider the biggest equipment that you need to fit inside. If you’ll be using a rack then check typical rack dimensions online or at your local gym. This space should also be an area that you would like to spend time in and one that gets you in a positive mood. If you enjoy natural light then make sure the room lets in plenty of natural light to motivate you in exercising. Proper ventilation is also necessary so the room won’t be hot and stuffy.


Budget. Building a home gym involves spending. You have to spend for designing your space as well as for any equipment or machine that you will be using. It is important that you set a budget as to how much are you willing to spend for your home gym. This will keep you in check so that you will be able to monitor your expenses.

Equipment. Before getting the equipment for your home gym, know first what you want to train for or what your workout program is. This way, you will be getting the equipment that will be suited for your workout program and only the equipment that you will need. Invest in quality equipment so that you will be able to use them for a long period of time. A good place to look for equipment would be at auction sites. Also, don’t immediately get the big and expensive equipment unless you are really going to need it in your workout and unless you are going to use it often.

The right fit. Aside from making sure that the equipment you are getting will be able to meet your specific workout needs, check also that the equipment will be able to fit your home gym. Know the measurements of your home gym as well as the equipment before getting it. And because a home gym is not for everyone, consider if you will really be more effective working out at home, if a home gym is a right fit for you. Are you the one who enjoys gym classes or is motivated by other people working out? Will training alone work for you? Evaluate why you would like to invest in a home gym and if it really is for you.

Workout plan. Finally, you need to set your own workout plan or exercise plan. This is a schedule that you need to follow. Create a schedule where you will be able to concentrate on working out and one where you won’t get distracted. If you have little kids around, make sure your husband/wife, as well as the kids, know that you intend to workout during this schedule so that you won’t get distracted. Remember to be consistent and to stick to your schedule so you can achieve positive results.

Blood Fulfills Vital Functions Which Should be Kept In Check in Order to Stay Healthy

Blood is the most vital element in our bodies as it has some amazing duties to fulfill such as regulating the consistency of the internal environment. Circulating blood makes the changing of conditions of life possible as well as how human endure climate variations and atmospheric pressure. It also regulates and alters the amount of how much physical activity can a human endure as well as gives us resistance and fends off physical injury as well as chemical poisons or other agents which can harm our bodies. It has an amazing structure and many components are of functional nature. Such mechanisms are paramount in terms of perceiving stimuli and more of these functions are going to be further presented.

Thrombocyte cells play a vital role in terms of keeping our body protected from potential threats as they quickly form a clot in terms of being in charge with the prevention and control of bleeding as they quickly attach to an injured surface in order to stop the bleeding. They do so by forming a small blood clot which prevents the bleeding from small wounds. They are formed in the bone marrow and are removed and destroyed in a 10-day cycle in most adults.

Helps With Respiratory Functions

The respiratory function of blood is of paramount importance as it supplies oxygen to living cells to our bodies, especially our brain. Oxygen is transported through the entire body via blood vessels and most of it is bound to the hemoglobin of red blood cells. Oxygen is diffusing through plasma and attaches directly to red cells and combined with hemoglobin, such functions are assuring that your body will function in normal parameters and will not be hampered from any external factors which would otherwise lead to some unwanted problems if the regulators of oxygen do not function within optimal parameters.

Delivers Nutrients Throughout The Body

Blood has an amazing function of delivering nutrients throughout the body as it also fills the role of transporting products of digestion which are commonly referred as nutrients from our digestive system to our cells and such soluble products which are being processed after digestion include glucose, salts as well as vitamins which are paired with plasma in order for us to stay healthy.

Blood also transports hormones from their respective glands to specific organs which need them such as insulin being transported to the pancreas. This amazing fluid also fulfills the role of regulating the metabolic process to make sure that our bodies maintain optimal temperatures throughout our entire lives.