The MTV Fashion VMAS

Any MTV awards seem to promise a wide range of interesting looks – some  amazing, some not so. This Sunday’s awards were dominated by the news of Beyoncé’s pregnancy,  Lady Gaga turning up as her alter-ego – a man named Jo, and Katie Perry wearing four different outfits – everyone bad!

Here are some  of the looks I really liked..and a few I didn’t.

Beyoncé looked beautiful in a sari style dress by Lanvin. This reminded me of the green dress that JLo once worn to the Oscars, and I think it screamed style and elegance whilst covering that little baby bump. The colour looked great on her, and I also loved those chandelier earrings that added just enough bling to the outfit.

Vanessa Hudgens also looked totally gorgeous in her 1920s inspired look. With this silver dress from Candie’s Couture,  and hair in 1920s bangs, she looked like she was channelling the ghosts of Jean Harlow, and the look of Reese Witherspoon in Water for Elephants.  Vanessa is someone usually off my style radar, I’m not impressed with faux hippies, but this look totally transformed her. A+

Zoe Saldana and Katie Holmes both went down the short route. Katie went for a simple fit and flare style dress from Azzedine Alaia that flattered her figure. I loved the cute addition of desert boots to this outfit. Zoe wore a chic black cocktail dress from Barbara Bui that she accessorised with  the hot new trend for the new season – snake-skin sandals.

Adele went for her usual 1960s diva style that again just looked so perfect for her. I loved the Burberry Brit dress that she chose, and her bouffant style hair just looked impeccable. Adele flies the flag for simple, yet elegant designs that always exude ladylike sophistication. She stands out from the Snooki-fest glitter for all the right reasons!

And a few not so good looks…

Kelly Rowland is an absolutely gorgeous women, with a knockout figure. What could possibly go wrong? Well wearing a dress that gives you the appearance of needing a bikini wax pretty sharpish is one thing that did go wrong. I don’t know if the hairy bit on this dress was a furry sporran, but it just looked rude – 1970s rude if you need clarification. Still, here hair looked glorious.

Lady Gaga turned up as Example!

Kim Kardashian looked like she had been poured into her showgirl style dress..and that some of her missed! When she gets it right she looks so beautiful, but this dress is just a little bit trampy. I particularly hated the back with its flesh coloured mesh panel.

Nicki Minaj dressed as an explosion at Toys R Us. Totally bonkers!

Kate’s dress is on show – but Queen calls display horrid!


The press got their first view of the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress today when the Sarah Burton design went on display in the Ballroom of Buckingham Palace, but although the beauty of the dress and the rest of display pleased most spectators, it seems the Queen wasn’t particularly pleased, calling the staging of the dress ‘Horrid’ .

The dress has been displayed on a headless mannequin, with the veil and Halo tiara sort of suspended in space, which the Queen expressed as being creepy! Kate, who was viewing the dress with the Queen was more tactful, saying it was displayed to show a 3D effect.

Kate looked fabulous in another white dress, whilst the Queen wore a pretty watered silk dress. I was struck that in this picture the Duchess seems to be morphing into Katie Holmes, or maybe it is the other way around.

This is a great opportunity to see the beautiful dress up close, although some commentators have said the white dummy makes it harder to see all the detailing on the neckline. Personally, I think a Tussaud’s style mannequin may have been more to people’s taste, but then that might have been considered a little bit cheesy! I’ll get my own chance to make up my mind about the display next Friday. I’m counting down the days!

Why I hope that Harper Seven Beckham isn’t the new Suri Cruise.

The first thing I tweeted on hearing about the birth of Harper Seven Beckham was that Suri Cruise now faced some serious competition. I regretted this almost instantly. Because of all the things I wish for that much longed for little girl, being another Suri Cruise isn’t one of them.

Suri Cruise, let me refresh your memory. According to Glamour readers, she is the 21st best dressed women in the world in 2011 (shame on anyone who voted for her!).  She has a shoe collection that includes Louboutins and Marc Jacob shoes and is reputedly worth £90,000. She’s a huge fan of Marc Jacobs. Oh, and did I mention she’s five years old?

Suri is the epitome of child as fashion accessory. According to a recent news report, a source was quoted as saying “,,,Tom loves seeing his little girl dressed up…” and that he “…encourages her to wear frilly dresses and tiny heels…” Suri has a wardrobe full of designer names, and is never knowingly underdressed.Not for her the Hello Kitty t-shirts or Disney Princess dresses. She has even been pictured wearing little heeled sandals on the beach! All this at five years old.

Katie Holmes has been quoted as saying Suri makes her own choices and is very interested in fashion. This is probably true, she possibly does choose what to wear from her wardrobe. But this is a wardrobe filled with Marc Jacobs, rather than Gap and Mothercare. I can’t imagine there are many pairs of jeans in that wardrobe, or Lelli Kelly shoes, or Peppa Pig  t-shirts, not with Tom  and his taste for pretty dresses. And, incidentally, I’m not convinced that most five-year olds are that good at colour co-ordination.

But the Cruises are not alone in the glamorization of their children. Katie Price has paraded Princess Tiami with a face full of make-up, whilst Ava Sambora, daughter of Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora is a 13-year-old model regularly parading down a catwalk in full make-up and skimpy clothing. I recently got into quite a debate on the Daily Telegraph website because I described the sophisticated look  of Chloe Moretz as reminding me of someone who wanted to get laid. I stand by my comment because, as a mother, I wouldn’t allow a 14-year-old daughter to go out dressed like that.

It seems some famous parents seem to have forgotten that childhood should be a fun time, rather than being dressed up like some living doll. Suri Cruise should be allowed to dress like a child, and be able to get dirty sometimes. Chloe Moretz shouldn’t be running to grow up too quickly, adulthood, with all its stresses and strains, will come soon enough. I hope  that Victoria Beckham cherishes Harper without the use of  heels and make-up. The signs are good, Cruz seems to live in super hero costumes, lets hope that Harper is allowed to be more Disney Princess than Fifth Avenue Princess.