My Favourite Movie Date Scenes

Whether you are dating in Maidstone or enjoying Clywd dating, one of the most popular date nights is a night at the cinema. There is something about sitting in the dark, enjoying the lights of the silver screen that is the perfect environment for romance. If you choose a scary movie, the time is right to cuddle up close. If you choose a romantic film, you can enjoy the special moments together, and a funny film can mean that you laugh together – and some say the couple that laugh together, stay together.

If you are dating in Buckingham, you could try a movie night at The Film Place, which is based at the University of Buckingham’s Chandos Road Building, a really lovely locally supported cinema which shows a range of films, from mainstream to more obscure Foreign films and independents. A really beautiful old cinema is the Woolton Picture House, perfect for dating in Merseyside as it has Pulman style seating and has recently been refurbished (it was originally built in 1927 – the height of the Art Deco era). And if you are looking for a luxurious cinema, the Everyman chain, which includes the Everyman cinema in Winchester, is perfect, with large plush velvet sofas and a bar and food area. This is a wonderful cinema for the dating Hampshire scene. Of course, you could just enjoy a movie dating night in the comfort of your own home too.

So what to watch? Here are some of my favourite movie dating scenes.

La La Land The Griffith Observatory

Just one of the most romantic movies, La La Land is a bittersweet love story, and the famous Planetarium scene where Mia and Sebastian dance to ‘A Lovely Night’ is just gorgeous. With Emma Stone in that iconic yellow dress and Ryan Gosling at his most jaw droppingly handsome, this is one of the most romantic, beautiful movie scenes around…and just check out that blue sky.

Sex and the City The Movie – The shoes scene

Carrie Bradshaw is all about the shoes. And the scene where she returns to the home she had shared with Mr Big to collect those amazing blue Manolos, only to find Big is there too, always brings a tear to my eyes. For Carrie it was always Big, although Aiden was pretty amazing, and this scene brings them back together, and sees them finally wed.

Dirty Dancing – Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

My teen dream movie, I so loved this when it came out in 1987, and that final scene, where Patrick Swayze utters that immortal line to Baby (Jennifer Grey), is still one of the most romantic gestures you will find in any movie. Look out for showings at local cinemas as Dirty Dancing is one of those movies that gets frequently re-released.

Jamie and Aurelia in Love Actually

Lots of people talk about the scene with Andrew Lincoln and Kiera Knightley in Love Actually, but I think that scene is actually a bit stalkerish. Far more lovely and romantic is the love affair between Colin Firth’s Jamie and Aurelia, where the language barrier proves to be no barrier to love. When he goes through the town to get the girl, the joy is positively life affirming.

The Empire State Building – Sleepless in Seatle

Meg Ryan at her most appealing, Tom Hanks at his most vulnerable. The Empire State Building, the start of a beautiful romance…need I say more?

Do you have a favourite romantic movie scene?

La La Land Live in Concert At Birmingham Symphony Hall

This weekend saw the Birmingham Weekender, a weekend dedicated to bringing the arts to the masses with a series of free and ticketed events. The city’s beautiful Symphony Hall, one of the most glorious concert venues in the country was the setting for one of the most anticipated events, a live screening of the Oscar Winning movie La La Land, complete with a full orchestra. It was a stunning event, with the music, setting and movie just perfect.

Before the screening, there was a chance to chill in the Heineken bar with an Absolut La La Land cocktail, a mix of vodka, cranberry juice and pomegranate juice with a hint of lime. There were also Seb’s special cupcakes, named in honour of La La Land’s leading male protagonist, played by the delectable Ryan Gosling (almost as tasty as the cupcakes.)

La La Land is a dream of a movie, a lush, romantic, bittersweet love story that sweeps you up with the beauty of its cinematography, particularly through the use of jewel colours and the motif of yellow that appears throughout the film. If ever a film was cried out to be watch on the large, Cinemascope style screen of the Symphony Hall it is La La Land, and with the exquisite score played by a full orchestra, the acoustical brilliance of the Hall was put to full, brilliant use. The music of La La Land is a key part of the success of the film, and hearing it played live was just wonderful.

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are movie perfection as the star crossed lovers Mia and Seb, an aspiring actress and jazz pianist both trying to find their way in Hollywood, the La La Land of the title. Emma is a luminous screen presence, whilst Ryan plays Seb as an old style movie star. Together they bring to mind the chemistry of Tracey and Hepburn in their heyday, and La La Land feels like a film that harks back to that era too, giving knowing nods to ‘Rebel without a Cause’ and Ingrid Bergman along the way.

There may be better ways to spend Sunday afternoon than watching La La Land in Concert, but frankly, I’m struggling to think of any. This Christmas will see a live in concert screening of Love Actually. I can’t wait.

Oscars 2017 – Best Dressed.

The 2017 Oscar ceremony will forever be mired in conspiracy and controversy. The best picture Oscar was first of all given to (as expected) La La Land, before it was revealed that ‘Moonlight’ was the actual winner. How had this happened? It seems it may have been a mix up with an envelope, although Emma Stone claims she had her best actress envelope that was being blamed for the issue. Whatever was the reason for the mix up, when you tie this in with the controversial Casey Affleck as ‘Best Actor’, you have an Oscar night that will live in the memory for all the wrong reasons.

Which may not be a bad thing, as the fashion seems to have been the least interesting thing about the night. It was not a vintage night for style by any means, with the standout best look, worn by model Karlie Kloss, being a very similar look to the iconic white cape style sported by Gwyneth Paltrow a few years earlier. Many on Twitter raved about the dress worn by Janelle Monae, but I found it to be an ugly mess of a dress with little or no redeeming features. With the likes of JLo, Cate Blanchett, Angelina Jolie and Naomi Watts missing, and with Alicia Vikander also disappointing, it was left to the glorious Leslie Mann in yellow Zac Posen, a very lovely Octavia Spencer in princess style Marchesa and Kirsten Dunst putting a glamorous spin on a classic Dior black dress to bring us the looks to savour.

There were other fashion moments worth mentioning. Hailee Steinfeld was exquisite in Ralph and Russo, the smokey eyed look was just beautiful. Ruth Negga will definitely divide opinions, but for me this was a definite love moment, and a welcome splash of colour on a night when white and nudes were the chosen trends. Taraji P Henson showed off her best look of awards season in a custom made Alberta Ferretti dress that totally screamed screen vamp, you can almost hear Thierry Henry talking about Va Va Voom. I was however, disappointed by my style crush Naomie Harris, the Calvin Klein dress was unusual, but the cocktail frock with a train just wasn’t right for the Oscars and would’ve been better suited to the SAG Awards in my opinion.

Here are some more of the key looks from last night – would love to know if you had a favourite?

Sofia Carson

Ruth Negga

Octavia Spencer

Kirsten Dunst

Taraji P. Henson

Karlie Kloss

Darby Stanchfield

Leslie Mann

Sofia Boutella

Hailee Steinfeld

Felicity Jones

Louise Roe

Olivia Culpo

Ava DuVernay

Jessica Biel

Chrissy Teigan

Michelle Williams

Busy Phillips

Laura Dern

Emma Stone

Nicole Kidman

Brie Larson

Naomie Harris


And a few from the After show parties

Katy Perry

Thandie Newton

Rashida Jones

Sofia Vergara