Making the Miles disappear with Lebara

In these days when migration is such a potent news story, it is sometimes very easy to forget that we are talking about people, who are faced with a new life, in a strange land, often leaving all family and friends behind. For those people, having the means of communicating with their loved ones is an important part of being able to successfully find that new life. That is why the work and services now being offered by international telecommunications brand Lebara is so, so important and vital.

Lebara started as an international communications company in 2001, but in recent years the services they have offered have become crucial to the migrant communities in the UK and beyond. They offer an excellent phone service which includes a free SIM for high-quality, low-cost international calls, including free Lebara to Lebara calls. They also have an award-winning multi-lingual customer service, something else that is so important, especially for those speaking English as a second language.



Being able to keep in touch with your roots, with your loved ones, and just being able to talk in your native tongue is just so important when you are living and working overseas. How many of us cherish a phone call to our loved ones when we go on holiday for just a couple of weeks? So a service that can re-connect you without extortionate costs is a great innovation. Lebara is just that.

My father-in-law was an Italian immigrant to the United Kingdom in the early 1960s, leaving behind his parents and siblings. Over the years he has made numerous trips home, and takes a real pleasure in phoning home and being able to chat to his family in Italian (this is even more important as his children do not speak the language.) The main problem with phoning Italy more regularly has always been the cost of the call, which means real news sharing and in-depth chatter is not always an option. This is true of today’s migrant community, so having a service that also allows you to buy minutes that you can send abroad, so your family can contact you, is also a pretty fantastic idea, and yet another string to the Lebara bow.

My boy Joe with his Italian grandad Den

My boy Joe with his Italian grandad Den

In Sorrento, Italy the last time we visited.

In Sorrento, Italy the last time we visited.

Lebara has just launched a new website aimed at helping people connect and are continually launching new products, with an entertainment service to view content from home launching very soon. This new site targets 20 different country experiences in 11 different languages. So now had never been a better time to check out all the company has to offer.

More information about relocating to UK you can find at, a useful online resource.

If It’s Time for a New Phone Consider These Tips Before Buying

When you’re a mom, the smartphone you choose is incredibly important. Having the right phone ensures you can stay connected even when you’re on the go. Your phone probably also doubles as your communication hub for sending emails, checking up on social media profiles, and taking pictures of your little ones.

There’s something else to consider when you’re a mom choosing a new phone, however. That’s the level of durability. If you have kids, you’ve likely seen the beating a phone can take, whether that means being dropped in a cup of juice at lunchtime, or maybe on the ground, which can lead to a shattered screen.

The following are some easy tips you can keep in mind if it’s time for a new phone, and you want one that’s tough enough for your life as a mom.

Prioritize The Features You Care About Most

It may seem like all phones are essentially the same these days, but that’s not necessarily true. Phones can be very different from one another, and many of the differences are related to the individual features of a phone. Before you can choose the right phone, you need to know what features are most important to you.

For example, do you want a phone with an expansive screen size? Maybe you’re most concerned about the quality of the camera, or perhaps you’re often on the go and battery life is really important to you.

Browse Phones In-Person

You may find a phone online that you think you really like, but if you order it, it could just feel clunky or look off to you. A smartphone is something you’re ideally going to use for years, so make sure you visit a retailer in person to hold one and make sure aesthetically you like it.


A lot of the newest smartphones available right now are designed for durability, and they are marketed as being waterproof. One such option is the Samsung Galaxy S7, although there are others. This phone is supposed to be able to handle being in up to five feet of water for up to thirty minutes, and if you’re a mom, you know just how valuable that feature can be.

Of course, the Galaxy isn’t the only phone known for being durable and waterproof. There are other options as well like the Droid Turbo 2, for example, among others.

It’s not just being waterproof that matter regarding durability. You should also look for a shatterproof screen if you have little ones who might consider your phone to be a toy.


A lot of times when we think of buying a new smartphone, our minds automatically go to the big brands, particularly Samsung and Apple. While they do make great phones, there are a lot of mid-priced point phones out there from lesser known manufacturers that are worth taking a look at. The smartphone market is becoming increasingly competitive, which is good for consumers.

You can also look for sales from retailers, and also use options such as Flipkart mobiles coupons to ensure you’re getting the best deal when you make a purchase.

When you’re a mom choosing a smartphone, it goes beyond just finding an option that looks good and has the features you want. It’s also about price and above all else, durability, so using tips like the ones above will help you get the best of all worlds when it’s time to buy a new phone.


A treat for your mobile phone

If you asked 100 women what the most important item they carried around in their handbag every single day was, I’m guessing  (at least) 99 would say their mobile phone. Smart phones are such an important part of our lives, we use them to shop, to book tickets, to take photographs, to text, Snapchat, Whatsapp and play games. Sometimes, we even use them to call people on. Our phones contain ticket information, our banking, our photographs and videos, they do the job that used to be done by cameras, diaries, trips to the bank and a whole lot more. Sites like the Mobile Network Guide have become invaluable for news and reviews, as well as contact numbers for our networks. Frankly, losing a phone these days is like losing an arm or a leg.

Which is why we need to treat our phones with a little bit of love and respect. I was always happy to just throw my phone into my bag, and ended up cracking a few screens just doing this. Our new phones can do so much, but this makes them fragile and so much easier to break than the ‘brick’ style machines we used to use.  That is why cases and holders have become so important, and as much a fashion accessory as your handbag.

Just a quick glance at the Selfridges website shows you that you can buy a case from most of your favourite designers, from Michael Kors and Kate Spade, to cool high street and cult designer efforts from Ted Baker and Skinny Dip London. There are a great mixture of hard cases that fit onto the back of your phone, or leather and plastic cases to actually hold the phone.

If your phone is an integral part of your life, and one you couldn’t do without, then treating it to a special case is definitely money well spent.

Phone Cases – Key picks

 ASPINAL OF LONDON Slim-fit leather iPhone 6 case £50.00 Click to visit Selfridges

ASPINAL OF LONDON Slim-fit leather iPhone 6 case

 SKINNY DIP Dita rose gold iPhone 6/6S case £14.00 Click to visit Selfridges

SKINNY DIP Dita rose gold iPhone 6/6S case £14.00

 MOSCHINO Bear iPhone 6/6S case £45.00

MOSCHINO Bear iPhone 6/6S case £45.00

 SKINNY DIP Fried eggs iPhone 6/6S case £15.00

SKINNY DIP Fried eggs iPhone 6/6S case £15.00

 SKINNY DIP Fried eggs iPhone 6/6S case £15.00

TED BAKER Shaen mirror iPhone 5 case £35.00

 KATE SPADE NEW YORK Jewelled hula girl iPhone 6/6S case £40.00

KATE SPADE NEW YORK Jewelled hula girl iPhone 6/6S case £40.00

 MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Striped iPhone 6/6s case £45.00

MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Striped iPhone 6/6s case £45.00