Playtex Round the Clock with 24H soft

I was recently contacted to see if I would be interested in taking part in a challenge being organised by Playtex. Entitled ‘Round the Clock with 24H soft’, the challenge was to put the new 24H soft hosiery through its paces, by wearing the tights from morning until night.  I was then asked to blog about my experiences of the tights – it was a challenge I was happy to take part in.

As a person who is always happiest in dresses and skirts, I tend to wear tights quite a bit. But being tall and long-legged, but with a fuller figure, I often struggle to find tights that are long enough, stretchy enough and don’t roll down over my waist. The new Playtex hosiery collection consists of six different ranges, with 24H soft being one of the products in this range. The tights promised to fit like a second skin, and offered ‘all day comfort’. This is due to stretchy, soft-touch fabric and a waistband that holds you in, but without any uncomfortable squeezing. This is a claim I was really interested to try.



I chose a busy day that consisted school run, some working from home and then a trip to the launch of the Christmas grotto in Birmingham. This meant quite a bit of walking, a trip by train and then by tram, and also, as I was also taking my toddler niece to the grotto, there was also going to be a lot of bending down and sitting at floor level, both of which often play havoc with my tights.


My first thoughts were that they had a lovely silky feel, but still had a matt appearance – I can’t think of anything worse than glossy looking tights. They were stretchy, and easy enough to get on, and yes, I felt like my tummy was tucked in, even thought I had left the Spanx off. So far, so good. They seemed to be a good fit and didn’t ladder or snag as I put them on – another problem I usually have.

These were 40 dernier opaques so they are perfect for day to night wear. I did the school run in these easily, putting boots over the top. They didn’t wrinkle when I wore the pull on boots over the top – another plus for me.  I was then sitting down for a long period of time, so no real test, but they were comfortable.

Moving onto the grotto was more active. We ran for the train, walked from the train station to the grotto, and then spent a lot of time sitting on the floor whilst the kids chatted with Santa. I also had to bend down to pick my niece up on quite a few occasions, and also posed for some images at floor level. The tights stayed put, they didn’t roll down, or need hitching up at any point, and they remained comfortable – not too tight or hot as to sweat the legs, but I wasn’t cold either.

All in all, I was pretty impressed that the 24H tights live up to their claims pretty well.

You can find Playtex 24 H range at Next.

*I was sent a Playtex gift pack which contained the 24h soft tights and other items in order to do a honest review.


Tights! What tribe are you in?

Striped tights

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Tights are an integral part of a women’s wardrobe, but that doesn’t usually apply in summer. But this year has seen women everywhere wearing sheers,  nylons and opaques with all manner of outfits. Blame it on the hotpants, blame it on the weather, even blame it on the Middleton’s, it seems that 2011 may be the year that tights joined our summer wardrobe. But do you wear them, and, if the answer is yes, which tribe are you a member of. Here is a guide to the tight tribes.

The bright  brigade – Leader Lady Gaga

To be honest, wearing a suit with shiny metal nipple spikes may draw your attention away from the fact that GAGA is wearing tights. Rather nasty blue sheer tights to be exact. I really love coloured tights, but they need to be opaque, and preferably worn in winter. You can just about get away with this look if you wear them with denim hotpants to  a festival, but I’m afraid Gaga’s look has left me feeling blue!

Look 2 Opaques – Leader Lily Allen

Lily raised a few eyebrows when she went to the Polo wearing opaque tights – in July. I  think she looks  great – it’s obvious from her overall look that it wasn’t a fabulous day weather wise, and the tights compliment her dress and shoes. Other adherents to the opaque tights rule are the always gorgeous  Zooey Deschanel and Kate Moss, who loves the little black dress/black tights combo.

Tribe 3 The Nudes – Leaders – Kate and Pippa

Most of us thought that these had disappeared in the 1990s. But the Middleton girls are leading a nude pantyhose revolution. Shiny, iridescent tights are back.  Because, like everything else touched by Duchess Kate and her equally eye-catching sister, nude tights are turning into fashion gold. Tights please have reported a 90% increase in the sale of nude tights, whilst Selfridges is reporting a 40% increase in their sales. Best sellers include Wolford Naked 8’s and satin touch 20s.

Now of course, the Duchess of Cambridge is  governed by royal protocol, and so wears tights on most occasions. But Pippa, you have no excuse for wearing these relics of the dark ages. These resemble something that you wear to support weak ankles and legs, even if they are now becoming a wardrobe staple.

My tight tribe is definitely the  opaque brigade. 60 dernier. But definitely not in Summer. Now, where’s that Fake Bake…