Duchess Kate – The final looks of a great tour wardrobe

The Duchess of Cambridge is now on her way back to the UK as I write, and has bid farewell to the beautiful islands and destinations that have welcomed both William and Kate so warmly. But before she left there were a few more glamorous outfits to be showcased, along with a wavy, more carefree hairstyle that showed that even those  famous chestnut locks aren’t safe from tropical humidity.

The navy blue, broderie anglaise dress from Mulberry has been a major hit for Kate, possibly because it has such a youthful feel to it, Kate teamed it with her Stuart Weitzman wedges, which matched perfectly. This dress has such a pretty silhouette and with more casual hair, this felt like a very fresh look for the Duchess.

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Navy/Rust sleeveless dress

Yellow is a colour that often makes an appearance in the Duchess’s wardrobe, and it appeared twice in two days on this tour, albeit in different colours. The brighter yellow shirt dress is a High Street find from Jagear. With it’s crisp pleated skirt and sunflower shade, this is almost the epitome of the perfect summer day dress.

The second dress is by an unknown designer, and again has a strong broderie anglaise design. I love the fifties silhouette of this dress, the boat style neckline and the full skirt. This is a very Jackie Kennedy look, complete with the pastel colourway, and again I really liked it, especially when paired with that very elegant upswept hairstyle.

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One of the most interesting outfits that Kate was seen in was a beautiful ‘Beatrice’ boho style maxi dress from Alice by Alice Temperley that Kate sported whilst taking part in evening festivities in Tuvalu. This is such an unusual style for Kate, very reminiscent of styles worn by Talitha Getty and the glamorous hippies of the 1970s. The embroidered bodice looked very pretty and eye-catching, and the cheesecloth style made this a glamorous choice which didn’t seem overdressed for this particular occasion. I loved that both Kate and William got into the spirit of the occasion in the grass skirts and floral headdresses, as well as showing their sense of fun with traditional dancing.

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For the journey home, Kate wore two separate outfits, landing in Brisbane for a stopover, Kate supported Anglo-Australian design duo Project D. The partnership of Dannii Minogue and Tabitha Somerset Webb has already been worn by Pippa for both evening and daytime occasions, and now Kate chose one of their prettiest silk prints, the Penelope dress, which has brightly coloured florals and lovely birds running through the fabric.

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Kate was more wrapped up in her other airport outfit. A simple sweater, jeans and a great Longchamp Le Pliage bag was a warm and comfy traveling outfit, given a touch of colour with a bright Alice Temperley scarf. The Le Pliage bag is now a style classic, they can be folded down to nothing and are washable and come in a range of different sizes. I have two myself and am off to dig them out now. Selfridges have a huge collection in every colour imaginable – well worth a look.

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Blue Floral Print Scarf


Kate and William arrive in the Solomon Islands

Kate and William left Malaysia yesterday to continue there Far Eastern tour with a trip to the Solomon Islands. This meant more changes of clothing for the Duchess, these with a cool tropical feel. As usual, the Duchess looked effortlessly stunning, and also showed that she is not adverse to a wardrobe change at the last minute.

Kate arrived in the Solomon Islands in a dress that was sure to excite fashion fans all over the UK. The choice of Scottish designer Jonathan Saunders was one that Kate watchers had been hoping she would make for some time, a hot designer known for his fabulous use of colour and print. The Evelyn dress combined geometric print in turquoise and green with cool cotton fabric. Kate teamed this with a small, cream coloured hat which was reminiscent of styles worn by The Queen in the 1950s, but I think this was something she could’ve left off – it was not really needed and wasn’t a great match for the dress.

Jonathan Saunders Evelyn cotton dress

Jonathan Saunders Edition at Debenhams


Jonathan Saunders/EDITION

Jonathan Saunders/EDITION

Kate’s second look was very impromptu, but non the worse for it. She had been given a beautiful silk batik print dress by her hosts and had loved it, and so had decided to wear it for the evening reception and gala given by the Governor General of the Solomon Islands. The dress was from a local Island store called ‘Print’

I love that Kate wore this dress, just perfect for a tropical evening in a stunning location. Strapless printed dresses are still everywhere on line, and if you are planning an Autumn break, these are perfect for warm evenings under the stars or covering up after a day on the beach.

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Kate’s farewell to Singapore…and Hello to Malaysia

The fashion parade continued for the Duchess of Cambridge as William and Kate bid a fond farewell to Singapore and then said hello to Malaysia. We saw the first evening dress of the tour, and another who’s who parade of British design with more new dresses that elicited the usual raft of praise and ridicule for the Duchess.

Kate’s final Singapore look was a powder blue shirtwaist-er dress from Jenny Packham. Simple and elegant, this dress has a pleated skirt and a lace bodice. Many have commented that the use of pleated skirts/dresses on this tour could be a device for covering  a baby bump, which may well be true, but Kate still looks very slim and the dresses have also been elegant choices. This dress was to a visit to a Military Ceremony, so I was surprised by the criticism of Kate’s look being boring. This was respectful, subdued and unshowy – the perfect look for a solemn occasion.

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Kate and William then travelled onto Malaysia where the Duchess wore a stunning evening dress from Alexander McQueen for a state dinner with the Malaysian Royal family. This dress had two purposes. Obviously Kate looks like a fairytale in this dress, which had a definite boho/ethnic style vibe which is totally unlike anything she has worn before. But the dress also paid tribute to her hosts as it was embroidered with hibiscus, the national flower of Malaysia. The white and gold was a little Princess Jasmine, but all the better for it, Kate is the latest fairytale princess so I can’t see a problem with dressing like one for one night.

For her first visit to a Mosque, Kate turned to another one of her favourite labels, the ethically friendly Beulah London. This dress, the Sabitri dress is available on the Beulah London website as a limited edition, and is again in Powder Blue silk.  Kate had to combine this with a matching headscarf to enter the mosque. I think it was again a great look for Kate, engagement appropriate, soft and feminine, and very modest.

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Yesterday Kate unveiled yet another new look, this one from one of my favourite designers, Alice Temperley. This was an exquisite creation that combined a white floral and  lace overlay onto an under layer or, you’ve guessed it, powder blue.  I think this is one of Kate’s most beautiful looks ever. The dress is just so pretty, and I love the pretty pearl pins she wore in her up-swept hairstyle.


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