Tips For Effective Employer Branding Strategies

When you start working on your employer branding strategy, first you have to think about your own needs. Are there certain areas where you need a boost? Do you feel your current workers are not giving you their best? How do you plan to attract the best talent to your company? 

Good employer branding strategy can help you recruit, retain, and motivate people. Companies with a positive image find it easier to get skilled staff. Also, they have a higher percentage of employee retention. By being a desirable employer, you can even offer lower wages than competitors. But you must work on a better organizational climate, which people much appreciate.

Listen to Employees

The first step is to identify what differs your company from the competition. That requires digging deep and reviewing how you do things differently. Are you more attentive to the needs of people working for you? What can you do to give them a voice?

You must understand the importance of listening to your employees, which is key to a great employer branding strategy. When people feel important, they are much more productive, and they are happier at work. You won’t have to worry about what they are thinking or saying behind your back. 

By listening to people, you will better understand what they need and what they want. You can tailor your actions to address those needs and turn your employees into your best ambassadors. That can be quite handy, especially when hiring new people.

Show Appreciation

You can schedule some appreciation events at work to show some gratitude to people contributing to your success. On this source, find out why recognition matters. Have employees speak about their jobs, or make videos to give them a visual explanation of their role at your company. 

Provide people with informative content that they can relate to. They will align themselves with your mission and goals. Appreciate their work on self-improvement. That’s beneficial for both you, too, as their new skills will increase job satisfaction and raise the overall performance.

Finally, you should have a formal employee appreciation program. You may choose to award an employee with a gift, vacation time off, or some other type of recognition that reflects the importance of people in your company. It’s a good way to show workers how much you appreciate them and their performance. It can also help to build loyalty among your ranks.

Use Social Media to Your Favour

One strategy that you should use to get your employees to participate more actively in your company is to use social media. You have the chance to reach out directly to your staff, interact with them, and show how you value their opinion. 

Your employees may have personal pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter that they regularly update. That’s a great way to connect with them, build relationships, and learn what is going on within the company. These platforms allow you to follow your employees as they develop professionally. 

For example, if an employee has recently succeeded at an event you were involved in, you can use social media to share that achievement. People use these platform to seek jobs and gather information employers. Content like this one is a great plus to your reputation, as it shows that you’re proud of your staff and their success.

Access Talent Pool

Another way social media can help you is by giving you access to a vast job seeker market. Use them as a part of your recruitment and hiring efforts. These platforms are real gold for finding talents you need to reinforce your human resources.

If you post a hiring ad on social media and include a link to your website, you can see which jobs can be best suited for different applicants. Take the opportunity to attract quality staff with a good presentation of your company, but also to see the relationship of current employees with you.

Check the following page to find out the importance of good organization climate for your business: 

If your company doesn’t have a good reputation, everything will be much harder. You’ll have to pay new employees above market value to agree to work for you, and you’ll have a hard time keeping good workers. Investing in a good employer branding strategy will boost your market position and make you desirable for job seekers.



When You Need To Talk Tax

Most people would prefer to never have to talk about any matters relating to tax. For most of us, this is something that is deducted from our wages at source, and we never really have to worry about it, or question whether we are paying the right amount. But sometimes we really do need to talk to someone at HMRC, whether it be about a general query, or something more serious, and we can find that actually getting to speak to someone is not as simple as we might imagine. For instance, you may be thinking about setting up a company abroad, like Malta Company Formation, and may need some help and advice about taxation issues.

Getting to the right person can be difficult, in fact, in some cases, even having the relevant phone number can be an issue. Fortunately, Talk Tax is a website that not only has lots of relevant articles relating to policy changes, changes to benefits, self assessment and all things general taxation, but also has a list of those hard to find numbers that will help you reach the right department if you have a query or problem you need answering.

So what sort of reasons might see you needing an emergency number rather urgently? Well, I worked for twelve years as a teacher, and only found out when I went on maternity leave that I had been on the wrong tax code for almost eleven years, over paying tax during that time. I had to claim back the overpaid tax, but this was made difficult by not being able to contact the relevant department. I eventually got the over paid tax back and it amounted to almost £8,000, which is certainly nothing to be sniffed at.

This was a nice windfall, but your reason for needing a phone number could be far more serious. My husband worked for an unscrupulous boss who bumped his company and declared himself bankrupt. Unfortunately, despite deducting both tax and national insurance from his workforce, he hadn’t actually paid this, basically committing fraud and leaving his workers out of pocket.  This was a worrying and stressful time made worse by the struggle to contact the right person at HMRC.

If you are self employed, or are experiencing trouble with your dealings with HMRC bookmark the Talk Tax number, it could save you a lot of hassle.

Why Becoming A Mom Can Make You A Good Social Worker

Becoming a mom is hard work, but you learn a lot and gain many skills without even realizing. When you become a mom, somehow you manage to work, look after the children and everything else in between. You also develop your interpersonal skills to a new level and you empathize a lot more now that you have your own children. If you are looking for a new career once the children go to school, social work may be the career choice for you.

Hard Working

A career in social work demands hard-working individuals, as the task load can be immense. As a mom, you have learned to juggle getting up through the nights for feeds and still function the next day. As a mom, you learn how to prioritize and get everything done. Moms are hardworking individuals and this is what is needed to become a great social worker. You can even study a masters in social work online in your spare time before you think about going back to work.


Social workers will be meeting parents and families that may be having an incredibly hard time. As a mom, empathizing with families is something that comes naturally, and as a social worker, you need to be able to empathize with the families you look after. Showing that you care makes you a good social worker; one that families will want to engage with. If helping other families through difficult times and watching them come out the other side is something that you’d be interested in, Case Western Reserve University offers an online social work degree.

Active Listening

As a mom, you learn how to communicate with your children and listen to what they say before they can even talk. As a social worker, you need to have good listening skills to show the families that you understand and care about what they are telling you and that you can repeat back everything they say. Active listening establishes a trusting professional relationship, and as a mom, you will have plenty of practice listening and understanding what your children want and need.


A social worker needs to be able to organize clients according to priority and work around their schedules to book meetings in a timely manner. Moms will know how to organize better than anyone. When you have a child, you are responsible for not only organizing yourself but them too. This can make you very good at prioritizing and this can easily be put into place in a social work role.

Social work can be very difficult work and it takes a strong individual to do it. If you want to help others and are able to disengage from work and not bring it home with you, social work could be a great job for you as a mom. As a mom, you can empathize with other moms going through a hard time and you can bring that empathy into your role to be an amazing social worker.