Take Me To The Beach

The glorious weekend weather has definitely got me Summer dreaming, so today I am bringing some of my beach essentials to Fashion-mommy.

There are lots of different things that we take to the beach, but there are a few things that we ALL need, so today I have focused on these. Because whether you are traveling to Bognor or Benidorm, to Bali or Bhutan, the bare essentials are always the same.

Rainbow Beach Towel From Find Me A Gift

The best sort of beach towels have a fun design are big enough to use as a blanket if you decide to take a nap on the lounger, and dry quickly in between dips. This fabulous rainbow towel from Find Me A Gift is a gem. It is huge (108x181cm) and is in a lightweight microfibre fabric that makes it dry quickly in the sun and is less likely to trap sand, meaning you don’t bring half the beach back to the hotel with you. Plus, the design is a total winner – who doesn’t love beautiful rainbows?

This towel is currently in the sale and so it is definitely worth grabbing now and packing in that suitcase.

Personalised Flip Flops From Personally Presented

I think it is a safe bet to say that most of us live in flip flops when we are on our holiday, especially when we are around the pool area.  So why not get a pair of personalised flip flops?

Personally Presented has a lovely range of flip flops for men, women and children that can be personalised with up to 14 characters on each heel. There are some really cute designs including the sunglasses design that I chose, as well as strips, anchors, watermelons and pineapples.

I love these, they are just the cutest thing to have on your feet this holiday season.

Sun Protection From Child’s Farm

In order to protect your skin, you need a good level of sun protection. I have very sensitive skin and burn quite easily, so often look for a very high protection cream that is also suitable for sensitive, because of this I often use children’s sun cream.

Child’s Farm have a new range of suncream that offers a high level of protection, whilst being ultra moisturising and absorbent. It is good for skin that is prone to eczema, and helps to keep the skin hydrated too.

I love that this comes in a spray form as this is so much easier to apply, especially to children who are just eager to get in the pool.

The range is available at Boots, Ocado and Amazon.

A Pretty Beach Bag From Cath Kidston

The best sort of beach bag will be multi functional, will wipe clean, and can be used when you come back home too.

My current fave is the Tresco bag from Cath Kidston. This has a fabulous print of the sun and sea straight from the Scilly Isles, and is just so summery and pretty. The bag is just big enough for your beach essentials, and is waterproof too and would look just as good teamed with jeans and a t-shirt as it would with a beach dress. Plus, did I mention it costs less than £20? A total winner.

Are you all set for the beach yet?





15 thoughts on “Take Me To The Beach

  1. . It’s been doing nothing but raining where I live so I am so ready for the beach. I love those personalities flip-flops and are definitely looking into them for my children

  2. With this long winter and zero spring we had here in New York, it is safe to say that we are ready for the beach. Those are all necessities, so thanks for sharing.

  3. Since all I wear in the summer is flip flops, I need the personalized flip flops so my daughter doesn’t try to steal them as her own lol

  4. We’re so ready for the beach but the weather won’t let us be great. Once it stops raining we’ll be at the beach and pool all summer.

  5. Such neat products! My daughter would love all of this. Unfortunately, we won’t be visiting the beach this year.

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