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The Perfect Summer Scarf From Webury

A perfect Summer scarf may well be the key accessory for Summer. Versatile as you can use/wear it in so many ways, decorative as it can add interest to your outfit, and both modern and classic in the way you can wear it, a scarf can also be a touch of luxury if you opt for a silk design.

Webury is a brand that specialises in what could be described as ‘Countryside chic’. Think the sort of looks favoured by The Queen at Sandringham, Kate Moss whilst at home in the Cotswolds, and Debo, the late Duchess of Devonshire, who was always so inherently chic and elegant, even when wearing a pair of Wellington boots. Webury is all about the tweed, the gun boots, the country coats and the silk scarves that add the feminine touch to these outfits, along with a neat string of pearls. One of the brands that Webury stock are Joules, and the Joules Bloomfield Silk Scarf, which is a Women’s Square Silk Scarf with hand drawn print, is one of this seasons key buys, and is currently available in the Summer sale.

The Joules Bloomfield Silk Scarf is a large silk square with a beautiful hand drawn pheasant print. It is a beautiful piece, silky smooth, with bright vibrant colours and a stunning illustration. It is also very versatile. I have been wearing it over the past week in a variety of ways, inspired by some 20th century style icons.

As a short neck scarf a la Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday

In Roman Holiday, Princess Anne, travelling incognito, wears a short, jaunty neck scarf with her blouse and skirt. I have always loved the styling of this look, and the freshness of it, and it suits lots of modern outfits, whether you wear it to add interest to a simple vest top, or to colour/pattern clash with a dress or top.

Worn long a la Isadora Duncan

The 1920’s iconic dancer Isadora Duncan was famed for wearing extra long scarves, it was one of these that led to her death when it got caught under the wheel of a car. I wouldn’t suggest wearing then quite that long, but this scarf does look glamorous and elegant when worn longer. Grace Kelly was also a fan of this style too.

As a head scarf a la Talitha Getty

Talitha Getty was one of the key fashion icons of the swinging sixties, a famous photograph of her on a Marrakesh rooftop is now considered to be one of the most iconic images from a decade that was full of them. Talitha was one of the originators of boho chic, a style that was later developed by Kate Moss and Sienna Miller many years later. She was all about silk scarves, around her waist, around her neck and worn around her head.


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