The Sweet scent of Baby Powder from The Library of Fragrance

The very best of perfumes and fragrances are always evocative. They evoke the memories of a special time, a place, an event or a person, and this makes them important as they transport you from the daily norm. When I smell Lancome Miracle I go back to my wedding day, Lou Lou still reminds me of my teenage years  – it was my first grown up perfume, whilst if I smell 4711 I think of my nan, she loved it so I sometimes wear it in her honour. Scent has a powerful way of moving us, and evoking so many memories.

But it is not just perfumes that do that. How many of us love the smell of freshly cut grass, or that strangely wonderful and intoxicating scent that permeates the air after a virulent storm. Unusual flowers, ripe fruits or just that clean, wonderful smell of soap, there are just so many memorable scents. Now perfume brand and New York favourite, The Library of Fragrance, has introduced a whole range of those intoxicating scents to the UK market, with 28 fragrances available exclusively at Boots, and the complete range of 101 available online.

Click here to visit Boots to view the Library of Fragrance

I was asked if I would like to review one of the fragrances, and have to admit I was sorely tempted by many of the choices, from Daisy to sunshine, as well as Cherry Blossom and Peach, but in the end, there was only one choice that could be made by a woman who used to stock up on Johnsons baby powder long before she had a child. Could a perfume called Baby Powder really live up to that fabulous product? The answer is a resounding YES!


Library of Fragrance Baby Powder Eau de Toilette 30ml 

The baby powder fragrance smells just so fresh and soothing. It is a clean scent, slightly heavier than actual powder, with that lemony hint of citrus that just comes through. It can only be described as an iconic scent – one that offers to comfort, and does just that. Please don’t ask me why, as I can’t really explain, but wearing  this is just a warm and soothing experience, just lovely.




The fragrance is a single note fragrance, which means it is one definitive scent. This makes these perfumes perfect for layering to build up a new scent. I haven’t yet tried this, but have been advised that Daisy and Baby Powder work really well together, so will be heading to Boots to give this a try very soon. Boots are currently running a two for £25 offer on the Library of Fragrance, so now is a good time to be treating yourself to a couple of scents.

The Library of Fragrance perfume range cost just £15 each for a 30ml bottle, which I think is very reasonable. The scents last pretty well, and those unusual flavours make these a perfect gift and a real talking point.

Do you have a favourite, or one you wish to try. Leave me a comment and let me know.

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