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Are you sticking to your New Year’s resolutions?

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions for 2015? And if so, how easy are you finding it to stick to them? If you’re struggling to make your resolutions a reality, there’s help at hand. We’ve pulled together a list of the top resolutions that people make – and some little tips to increase your willpower when it comes to keeping them…

1. “I’m going to exercise more”

Cold and miserable weather never seems like a great time to start a resolution that involves increased exercise, but it’s possible. Start out slowly to make it easier to stick to your resolution, and gradually increase the amount of exercise you do. You should also choose a form of exercise because it works for you, and NOT because it promises fast results. Make it easier for yourself to change your habits, and you’re more likely to succeed.

2. “I’m going to diet”

Set yourself a realistic goal: a weight loss of 2lb per week is safe and reasonable. Don’t attempt a fad diet, or you’re likely to put all of the weight back on when you go back to normal eating habits. Instead, start with small changes: switching sugary snacks for fruit, cutting back on portion sizes – and gradually work your way towards a healthier diet. Trying to change everything at once or too quickly is less likely to work.

3. “I’m giving up smoking”

This one can be tough to stick to – addictions are hard to break. To help you along, consider totting up how much you’re saving on cigarettes for each day you successfully complete; you’ll soon see the savings add up! Electronic cigarettes are a also a great option, and will help you to curb those nicotine cravings. This time last year my husband Pete finally gave up smoking after twenty five years smoking, on average, 30 cigarettes per day. He did this with the aid of e-cigs, and, quite frankly, has never turned back. So it most definitely can be done.
4. “I’m going to get out of debt”

Getting out of debt (and staying debt-free) isn’t easy. Start with working out how much debt you have, then list your income and outgoings to work out where savings could be made – use these savings to help to pay your debt off more quickly. If necessary, contact your creditors and explain to them how you are working to resolve your situation – most will be relatively helpful.

5. “I’m going to spend more time with family and friends”

This one’s a little easier. Define how often you want to see people, and get in touch to let them know you’re still thinking of them. Catching up doesn’t need to cost a fortune: invite people round for dinner or a coffee at yours or go for a walk in the park. After all, spending time with loved ones will make you happier all round too.

I've been spending some more time with my sister lately.
I’ve been spending some more time with my sister lately. A selfie from Strictly Come Dancing Live.

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