A Healthier You This Autumn

If someone questions you about how healthy you are, can you give him or her the right answer? The truth is probably not with the reason being you are not sure if you are healthy on the inside. You may be healthy on the outside, but what about your inner body? Can you reallybe confident that you are both healthy on the outside and inside? However, whilst your body is not built to perfection, it can be managed for whatever lifestyle you may have for now.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to become healthier? No matter what your age or profession is right now, you need to stay as healthy as you possibly can.  But this is often not the case. Here’s the reality check on why people are not valuing their health right now:

Reality Check #1: We do not invest in our health

It is ultimately our choice whether to become healthier or not.  And this effects whether we live longer or shorter lives. But modern life has many reasons why we  don’t invest in our health, with our monetary priorities focused on mortgages, bills, food, education and many other things. In other words, we have to to spend and invest on things other than ourselves. Yet we are only given one chance to live.

There are health checks that you certainly should not ignore. This often cost more time than money. Smear tests, breast checks, and, for men, prostrate tests should certainly not be missed. Any concerns we have about our sight or our hearing should be acted on immediately, these may be minor issues, needing a stronger prescription glasses or the need for ear wax removal from a clinic like Auris Ear Care, but may also point to something more serious, so should definitely not be ignored in the hope they will go away.

Reality Check #2: Prevention is expensive

People have limited financial capabilities when it comes to prevention. Instead of spending on prevention, we tend to spend on synthetic medication once we develop illnesses and conditions. But if you can’t afford prevention, can you really afford illness?

Reality Check #3: Too Many working hours for a quality lifestyle

In this era, people try to ignore health concerns for as long as they can. Long hours spent working per day, which can include overtime, working through lunches, and taking work home to burn the midnight oil, does not give the body a quality life. As a result, people are getting stressed and this can lead to cell degenerating, which, in turn can lead to you being prone to certain degenerative disease later on.



Step #1: Get rid of processed foods in your refrigerator and kitchen

The first step that you have to do in terms of getting healthy is getting rid or eliminating the bad food clutter. In other words, you need to throw away processed foods that contribute to damaging your cells.


Step #2:Take a Good look at your body

A new season is always a good time to take a look at our bodies, and if you have had a Summer of over-indulgence, you may feel you want to shift a few pounds. Eating more healthily and making sure you have some exercise every day will certainly start to make a difference, but sometimes these things alone are not enough. but the sort of treatment offered by Hypoxi Knightsbridge can help you to shift stubborn fat.

Hypoxi regimes and Hypoxi machines are designed to target specific areas of the body where you might be struggling to lose weight, like the stomach or thigh areas. It is recommended to book sessions in blocks of 12, so you give the regime time to really make a difference, and you can actually book a free consultation in order to find out more.

Step #3: Drink water everyday

Water is the healthiest liquid that you will ever drink. Instead of drinking carbonated soda, energy drinks and coffee, you can replace them with mineral or purified water. Water cleanses your cells from toxicity and can contribute to fat or weight loss. Try to drink between eight to ten glasses a day, and remember, some times when we feel hungry, we are actually thirsty and just need a drink.

Step #4: Better sleep quality

Finally, it is important that your body has quality sleep.  A good night’s sleep is around eight hours a night. Oversleeping regularly is not healthy and can lead to weight gain, as well as a loss of  productive hours. But a lack of sleep means your cells are not well-rested and given time to repair.

Follow these steps  for a better you?

Once you  follow these steps to a healthier you, there is no doubt that you feel the benefits in the long term. Being healthier should lead to a happier, more contented person, and this can only be a good thing.

3 Slimming Alternatives to Traditional Pizza

If you’re trying to make standard pizza healthier, you’ve got to begin with blotting off as much grease off the top layer of cheese as you can. Pizza lovers, don’t despair – there are various ways that you can enjoy the crisp crust, gooey cheese, and flavorful sauce that makes up pizza without eating too many calories. Try this pizza ring recipe for a quick way to help control your portion and make your meals a little healthier. In addition, here are three other meals that all pizza lovers will agree taste great.

  1. Stromboli

Technically, Stromboli includes all of the ingredients that you would find in a traditional pizza. There’s cheese, which is stuffed inside instead of sprinkled on top. Stromboli has a crisp crust that envelopes all of the other ingredients that would normally be found on top, like pepperoni, green peppers, and onions. Lastly, you dip your Stromboli into marinara sauce so if your goal is to shave off calories you can use less dipping sauce if you’d like.

  1. Vegan Cheese Pizza

With the exception of pizza dough and cheese, pizza is already a vegan ready food. So, swap out the egg that comes in traditional pizza dough and use some vegan cheese and you’ll have a meal that is safe to serve to everyone. The trick to making vegan cheese it making it gooey enough. First off, realize that vegan cheese doesn’t really taste like cheese made with cow’s milk, so get that out of your mind. You need to soak some type of nut, like cashews or walnuts, in water for a couple of hours or overnight. Blend the nuts to make a choppy paste, then add in some nutritional yeast to help bind your vegan cheese. Add fresh chopped herbs to make the cheese more flavorful, then mold it and slice it for your vegan cheese pizza.

  1. Veggie Pizza Pockets

Take some pizza dough, flatten it out and add a scoop of each kind of vegetable you want to enjoy inside of it. It is suggested that you use veggies like portabella mushrooms, eggplant, onions, garlic, and tomato for a savory and low calorie treat. These pizza pockets can be made with cheese or without. After all vegetables have been placed on top of the dough, you want to pinch the pocket closed so that it takes on the shape of a rectangle. Bake the pizza pockets until light brown on top and drizzle with a small amount of olive oil.

The type of pizza that you get from the pizzeria might taste great, but it will leave you feeling pretty bloated if you are a healthy eater normally. Try out these alternatives and your skin will stay smoother and you will have less of a risk of acne breakouts. Always enjoy pizza with a fresh made salad and perhaps a vinaigrette dressing so you can get the full effect of your Italian styled meal with much fewer calories. Your next pizza inspired meal will be a hit with your friends and your nutritionist.

Ribena Minis ‘Less Spills, Less Mess’

Ever since I was a child, I have loved Ribena. The original blackcurrant version is, in fact, the drink I most associate with being young, my mom insisted that it was far better for me than fizzy pop (of course she was correct) and so we always had the cordial, that I seem to remember had a foil top. These days, we usually have Ribena squash in our kitchen cupboards – old habits do die hard it seems.

Last month saw Ribena launch a brand new range. Ribena Minis combine Ribena’s, delicious flavours with a ‘Less Spills, Less Mess’ cap.  The idea is that these are ideal for putting into lunchboxes and packed lunches, either for school, or as part of a picnic, and also that these are bottled drinks that you are not afraid to put into your bag. The bottle will only release liquid once the bottle has been squeezed, so even if the top comes off, you are not going to find your sandwiches ruined, or your bag swimming with liquid, as you would with a normal bottle. Accidents do happen when children are faced with bottles, but these bottles incur a minimal amount of spill and mess.




Ribena Minis currently come in three different flavours; Brilliant Blackcurrant, Oh So Yum Orange and Amazing Apple & Mango. Joe loved the Apple and Mango flavour, whilst I am still partial to the original blackcurrent. The choices all contains real fruit juice and no added sugar so they are also kind to teeth and work towards your five a day, making them a healthy choice as well as a less messy one. In addition, the bottles are easy to close and seal again, so drinks can be put back into bags – they don’t have to be consumed all in one go. This means there is less waste too.



Ribena Minis are such a good idea. Tasty, healthy and with that less spills, less mess cap, they are perfect for packed lunches, winter picnics, comfort hydration breaks and frankly, if you have little ones, they are worth just keeping in the fridge.