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The Top 5 Self Care Tips Every Woman On Earth Should Know

When you were flying solo taking care of yourself came naturally to you. However, now that you are a mom, self-care is pushed to the corner where it waits for all your other tasks to be completed so it can take the stage. Unfortunately, that rarely happens. Not to worry, you are not the only mom in the world who forgets to take put herself first from time to time. With all those diapers, homework, lunches, and laundry, it is easy to forget to incorporate self-care into your daily routine. However, if you don’t look after yourself, your mental and physical health will suffer, and eventually you won’t be able to take care of your loved ones. So let’s take a look at some healthy habits that will ensure your well-being and won’t feel like you are adding more to your plate.

Make time for exercise

As a mom, you need a strong body that will carry you from place to place, allow you to hold your babies, and keep you going. Therefore, you need to take care of it and ensure it is strong and healthy. The best way to do this is to exercise. Of course, you don’t need to live in a gym (nor you have time for that). Just commit to incorporate as much physical activity into your daily routine as possible. Maybe that means you will park further away, use stairs more often or do squats as you unload the dishwasher. 

Aside from exercise, you should also make time for regular medical checkups with experts like this dependable dentist in kiln creek. Doing so will let doctors detect possible health issues that may arise and take care of them as soon as possible.

Enjoy some alone time

Spending time with your kids is amazing and rewarding, but every mom in this world needs time for herself when she will clear her head, recharge her batteries and recalibrate. Whether you use this time to watch movies, meditate, read a book or just stare at the ceiling is up to you. Just make sure you create this alone time no matter how busy you are. 

Pamper yourself

A lot of times, we do not need much to feel our best. Do you have acne or dry skin? Get tamanu oil and solve your problem. What are tamanu oil benefits, you wonder? That is surely not a short list, but let’s just say that this magic oil can fix anything from cuts and scrapes to lifeless, dull hair. Don’t be afraid to invest in better beauty products. They might be a bit more expensive than regular ones, but you will feel like a million dollars after using them, which is what any busy mom deserves. Treat yourself to luxury beauty treatments like laser hair removal, this can actually end up helping you to save money as they are longer lasting, as well as being a more professional way to remove hair.

Learn to say ‘No’

A lot of times we agree to do some things because we are just not comfortable with saying ‘no’. We want to say it because there are so many other things we need to dedicate our time to, but we feel too guilty and obliged to say ‘yes’. If you wish to do yourself a huge favor, you need to become comfortable with saying ‘no’. As a busy mom you already have too much on your plate, and adding someone else’s problems to it is a recipe for a disaster. Therefore, say ‘no’ more to other people’s requests and put your priorities first.

Eat healthy

You need to nourish your body with good foods and fuel it properly. If this sounds too complicated, start small. For example, plan your meals, don’t go grocery shopping when you are hungry and when you order in, order healthy meals. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables and less processed foods and sugary snacks will do wonders for your health, and your figure. Of course, you cannot eat healthy 100% of the time. If you are dying for a creamy donut, get one and enjoy it! The world won’t end if you have a cheat meal every now and then, just do not go overboard. Have your creamy dessert, enjoy every bite, and then go back to your healthy eating.

These tips are not just for moms, but for any woman on the planet. Make time for self-care, and your body and your mind will thank you.  

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