These Are Some Gifts To Consider When You Have The Urge To Splurge

The vast majority of the time, your gifts should be small and tasteful. Don’t turn the office party gift exchange into something uncomfortable. This is why there is generally a $5 limit set for such occasions. No one wants to be the one who got an expensive gift when the one they gave in exchange was cheap.

The rule isn’t just for office parties. It works for almost any occasion where gifts are given. If you donate gifts to organizations that give them to underprivileged children, they want the gifts to remain unwrapped and below a certain dollar value. It sours The whole affair for the children if only a handful get really expensive gifts.

These days, romantic partners are making a new kind of vow: That vow is to only give each other small gifts over the holidays. First, emotional spending is bad for the budget. Second, they don’t need elaborate gifts to express how they feel. Depending on age, children are often happier with several small gifts rather than one big one. There are, however, a few situations when you should go big on gifts:

To Reward Achievement

It is not everyday your teen finds something they really love and sticks to it. First, they wanted to be a comedian, then a drummer, then a lead guitarist in their own rock band. What a shock it is when it turns out your kid is pretty good at playing a guitar. Perhaps you spring for lessons thinking it is just a phase. But he sticks with it and comes out the other side a legitimate musician. That is worth celebrating.

Don’t go to the nearest discount store to find a used guitar. Now is the time to go for one of the better electric guitars. Spring for the hollowbody hybrid T5, the T5z, or the semi-hollowbody T3. Becoming competent at an instrument is the first step to becoming great, then, a legend. Teens are notoriously fickle. They can’t keep their attention on anything for very long. When they do achieve something that takes time and commitment, it is worth celebrating with something big.

If there is ever going to be a time when you buy your child a car, let it be when they graduate from high school and are accepted into university. Perhaps it can be a gift for getting their bachelor’s degree. Whatever the occasion, be sure to mark big things with big gifts.

To Mark a Woman’s First Mother’s Day

Once you have children, Mother’s Day can become rather routine and repetitive. It is something of an obligatory holiday that people have to acknowledge whether or not they feel like it. Mother’s Day can even become an unpleasant burden if you have suffered the tragedy of losing a child. Everyone else’s joy is a bleak reminder of your pain.

There are always many great gift ideas for Mother’s Day. But the very first one you have before your newborn reaches their first year of age is unforgettable. It is unlike any future celebration and will never come again. Make it Mother’s Day when the gift is truly extravagant. This is a front-row seats at Hamilton on Broadway sort of occasion. The very first Mother’s Day is no time for moderation.

To Start the Journey of Retirement

Retirement is not just the end of an era; it is the beginning of a new one. It is important that you mark the end of a job well done. By the time you retire, you have paid off the house, the car, and all your debts. You have made your living and did it well. Now, it is time to live life with no more boundaries. It is time to get the boat you have been eyeing for the last 30 years. If your exciting, new life post-retirement is not worth celebrating, it is hard to imagine what is.

There are occasions in life that should be routinely marked like birthdays and anniversaries. But some are once in a lifetime achievements worthy of a little more. Feel free to splurge on your kids seeing something through to the end, the first Mother’s Day, and retirement.