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Thinking Of Getting A Tattoo – Step This Way

Once upon a time, a tattoo was a niche form of body decoration that belonged to certain sorts of people. A thing that sailors had (think of Popeye) and hard men, convicts even. Many were of half naked women, with some being DIY letters done at home with a bit of Indian Ink – I’m thinking of those Love and Hate letters on the knuckles. Tattoos were certainly around, but you had to think carefully of the connotations of having them.

But not any more.

Tattoos these days are not only beautiful works of art, but they are something that everyone seems to have, from the hottest footballers who’s bodies are often temples to tattoo worship, to the most popular actors and most famous singers. Tattoos are also not limited to men, with everyone from Cara Delavigne to Miley Cyrus showing off their body artwork on the red carpet and the silver screen. Amy Winehouse was as famous for her tattoos as she was for her music, whilst David Beckham’s tattoos have graced many a magazine cover over the last 20 years.

Tattoos are not just for the super rich or super famous. These days we get tattoos to celebrate the birth of a child, or to immortalize our partners name. We have our wedding day inked on our bodies, we even use them to cover up scars and marks, making something that could be a terrible thing into a thing of beauty.

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo – go ahead, what’s stopping you? That said, there are things to consider before you take the leap. One of these is most definitely thinking carefully about who you choose as your tattooist. Thankfully the days of letting a mate carve your skin have long since past, but it is still worth looking at the company you choose and the equipment they use. Tattoo parlours that use the Musotoku machines and equipment for tattooing show the sign of quality and prestige, they show the evolution of tattoo machine has made such a difference to the quality and design of tattoos. A good example of this is their popular power supply, a simple but beautiful tool that allows the artist to develop more intricate and fascinating tattoos.

Another consideration when deciding to have a Tattoo is what sort of design you want, and where you want to display it on your body. If you have a design in mind, you can check out how this would look virtuallly using an AI Tattoo Generator, placing the design in situ to check if it works for you.

When it comes to your body, in theory, you should be able to have it anywhere you want, but this truly depends on your employment, as some establishments will not allow a visible tattoo to be on show in the work place. Sure, you can cover your tattoo with clothing, but in Summer this can be uncomfortable if you have to constantly wear long sleeves or long skirts. A tattoo at the top of your leg, or on your back could be something you love, and yet do not worry about being on show all the time. Alternatively, you can also consider knowing more about tattoo removal and how much does tattoo removal cost you. This will help you consider further your tattoo style and design.

Making sure you know what sort of tattoo you’re having, and that it is what you think it is, is also important. We’ve all seen stories of people having Chinese Symbols and writing tattoos, and not releasing that it says something rude, or stupid. Research your tattoo carefully, or just avoid having a tattoo done when you’re abroad, or the worse for wear – you want it to last forever, let it be something you love.

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