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Viktor and Rolf launch Spicebomb -Get ready for a sensory explosion

It’s been described as an ‘explosion of the senses’ and ‘an explosive concentrate of masculine sensuality’.  Today Viktor and Rolf fans will get the opportunity to experience the exquisite new fragrance that is ‘Spicebomb’ when it is prelaunched exclusively at Harrods.

Spicebomb is a male counterpart to the delightful Flowerbomb, long a favourite fragrance of mine, created by master perfumer Oliver Polge. It is Oliver Polge who is also the mastermind behind Spicebomb. And whereas Flowerbomb is, as suggested by the name, a glorious explosion of fragrant bouquets, Spicebomb is a much more heady aroma that includes a cacophony of spices, from the mystical eastern aromas of chilli and saffron, the masculine aura of tobacco and leather, and zesty vibrant scents of bergamot and grapefruit. Finally, the scent is completed with the addition of pink pepper and elemi.

I was lucky enough to have been sent a very precious sample of Spicebomb in December. The first thing that strikes you about Spicebomb is the bottle, a gorgeous grenade complete with pin that adds the Wow! factor from the minute you take it from the box. The fragrance itself is very distinctive, the spices coming to the fore to make this a very expensive smelling fragrance. It is the sort of scent that has people asking ‘just what is it that you’re wearing’, and, most importantly, the scent has longevity, it will last all through the day without needing to be reapplied. It is a warm, sensuous fragrance that lingers in the air and in the senses, leaving a powerful impression of masculinity.

Spicebomb is available from today from Harrods, and will be available nationwide from 7th March 2012.

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