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No-one ever really tells you just how expensive it is being a parent. As well as the clothes and toys, the food, the holidays, the school expenses, you also have to think about all the extra-curricular activities that help your child to develop as a person and give them so much fun and satisfaction.

My little boy Joe is 6 and currently takes part in football coaching, karate lessons and swimming lessons which cost nearly £20 per week. For some parents, in these days of budget cooks, food banks and austerity, these added expenses would be an expense too much, and so, consequently, some children miss out on these fabulous, life enhancing experiences. Which is why the Kallikids Sponsored Child project is such a brilliant idea.


Kallikids is the UK’s accreditation for children’s activities and services site used and trusted by parents across the UK. It offers information about clubs, services and tutors, much of which comes directly from parent’s recommendations. This year it is offering 85 sponsored child places that will give the successful applicants the chance to try a range of activities for free. These include the swimming, football and martial arts classes that my Joe so loves, as well as opportunities for extra tuition, yoga classes, even life classes.



It is such a simple, yet effective idea. KalliKids founder Karen Bach explains further, saying: “Inspiring young people to take part in new activities is pivotal to everything we do. Not only does it further their skills but also helps nurture their confidence and social skills. I would encourage families to take a look at the Sponsorships on offer. It doesn’t cost anything to look. It doesn’t cost anything to apply. And if successful it doesn’t cost anything to take part.”

If you would like your child to be considered for a sponsored child place, you can find out more information about the counties covered and fill in the application form here. The closing date for applications is 20th February 2015, and successful applicants will be announced in March. You can read about some of 2014’s success stories here.

Good Luck!

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  1. its a pain being in an area that has nothing for the kids what so ever , not evn brownies or scouts is available where we are its terrible , would love mine to go to this x

    • I agree totally – activities can be expensive, this gives children a chance they may not have otherwise.

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