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Accessorize Bullring Shouts Out To Spring

February 28th 2018 will go down as one of the coldest nights in living memory. The mercury reached the depths of -6.5 degrees in Birmingham, it was literally freezing, not really a night to be out in. But the Accessorize store in the Bullring was warm, especially when a group of bloggers were invited for a lock in, complete with gorgeous fashion and accessories, Parma Violet gin and nibbles. Clearly this was worth braving the cold for.

The idea of the evening was to give style and fashion bloggers an opportunity to get up close to the latest Spring collections, and to do a little bit of styling too, looking specifically at looks for Spring and gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Accessorize is a treasure trove of riches, with so many fabulous pieces in store that you can often lose track of just what is on your mental shopping list. This was a chance to really enjoy the collections without the Saturday crowds.

I really enjoyed the fun of the challenges to style pieces for the new season and Mother’s Day. It was an opportunity to see which looks worked together, matching the colours and textures. There were prizes up for grabs, and I was really pleased that my Mother’s Day idea was one of the winners, leaving me to choose a bag and a pair of earrings of my choice – a real lovely treat.

My mother’s Day look

Accessorize is full of beautiful accessories for Spring, it really feels like after the dreadful weather of what seemed to be a never ending Winter, we now need that splash of brightness and warmth in our wardrobes. If we don’t feel like we can cope with too much colour in our wardrobes, we can certainly do it through our accessories.

Here are a few more pieces that took my eye.

It was a lovely night of fashion. Big thanks to the Ting and the Brum Bloggers for the Invitation.



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