5 Simple Ways to Make a Fashion Statement


Most people want to be fashionable by dressing up in daringly bold outfits, but they do not always succeed in making a statement. Some people claim that true fashion stars in making a relaxed approach to styling oneself. Keeping your style simple and relaxed will give you a bit more edge than everyone else, making you stand out, and, if you keep an eye on sites like Black Friday Universe, you will always find the best buys for your money. Below are 5 simple ways to make a fashion statement:

  1. Get the boyfriend look

Men’s style is cool, easy and relaxed. You can choose your style from his wardrobe without spending a dime. Choose your outfits from his tees, jeans, button-down shirts, blazers, chunky gold watch, belt and even sweaters.  Trade those ballet flats with and make a statement in loafers or you could try timberland boots, brogues or oxfords, adding a new and unique glam to your style.  However, do not overdo the boyfriend look. You can always tone down the masculine look by adding some feminine touches with pink accessories, handbags, heels and blouses.


  1.    Revisit the past

Make a fashion statement by going vintage. Inspiration from past fashion fads will make a great difference to your wardrobe. The 1950’s, often referred to as ’era of conservatism’, has a good deal of fashion ideas you can borrow. For example, clad in poodle skirts, and add style with the right accessories. Bill Blass designer jeans are worn for a more casual and practical style and accessorized with unique cat-eye glasses and/or a chain.

In the 1960’s, the youth found their own style, and their fashion sense dominated the US. Women began to wear miniskirts and hot pants with go-go boots. You can try this fashion, and modernize it with accessories such as beaded jewels. You can also choose to be unique, and bring back the 1970’s style. The long flowing floral dresses and skirts and the colourful tie-dyed t-shirts will be a good addition to your wardrobe.

The Kimono, another fashion trend that dates back to the 5th century, has made a huge comeback. The satin kimono short robe is very popular and comes in different colours, patterns, and styles. There’s nothing that makes a better fashion statement than donning your satin kimono robe, for your morning routines or night out.

  1.    Add up sunglasses, timeless hats and other accessories

If you feel that you struggle with fashion and trends, then let your accessories do the talking. Classic pieces like the plain white tee, the cigarette pants, the skinny jeans, the beige trench coat, all can be elevated by the accessories you chose – a great watch, a statement necklace, a jaunty silk scarf, a designer bag. You can keep your clothes neutral and still stand out.

  1. Wear confidence and dress in trends that suit your body type

As long as you dress according to your body type, you will pull off any fashion trend and become outstanding. Dressing to your size and shape will extenuate your body figure, highlight your features and boost your confidence. The fit-and-flare dress, for example, is very versatile, charming and flattering on any body size and shape. In fashion, nothing beats having inner confidence. You do not need to follow any rules, but you need to believe in your personal style.

  1.    Colour swapping and blocking

A simple colour swap will undoubtedly make you outstanding. For example, white is a great accent for a deep dark tan, and add sex-appeal to the “colourless”. So, in a sea of little black dresses, stand out by donning your little white dress instead. Swapping the summery pinks to Autumn burgundies, and summer green to emerald will also make a statement. Colours such as navy blue and burgundy blend well with other shades, and they make you stand out.

Colour blocking is fun and can change your wardrobe to a fashion den. You can choose to wear two or more colours that blend. Navy, nude and white can be worn together in an interesting way.

In conclusion, many people find keeping up with fashion trends overwhelming. However, by sticking to the simple ways mentioned above you will always make a fashion statement, yet at the same time feel comfortable and unique.

Accessorize Bullring Shouts Out To Spring

February 28th 2018 will go down as one of the coldest nights in living memory. The mercury reached the depths of -6.5 degrees in Birmingham, it was literally freezing, not really a night to be out in. But the Accessorize store in the Bullring was warm, especially when a group of bloggers were invited for a lock in, complete with gorgeous fashion and accessories, Parma Violet gin and nibbles. Clearly this was worth braving the cold for.

The idea of the evening was to give style and fashion bloggers an opportunity to get up close to the latest Spring collections, and to do a little bit of styling too, looking specifically at looks for Spring and gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Accessorize is a treasure trove of riches, with so many fabulous pieces in store that you can often lose track of just what is on your mental shopping list. This was a chance to really enjoy the collections without the Saturday crowds.

I really enjoyed the fun of the challenges to style pieces for the new season and Mother’s Day. It was an opportunity to see which looks worked together, matching the colours and textures. There were prizes up for grabs, and I was really pleased that my Mother’s Day idea was one of the winners, leaving me to choose a bag and a pair of earrings of my choice – a real lovely treat.

My mother’s Day look

Accessorize is full of beautiful accessories for Spring, it really feels like after the dreadful weather of what seemed to be a never ending Winter, we now need that splash of brightness and warmth in our wardrobes. If we don’t feel like we can cope with too much colour in our wardrobes, we can certainly do it through our accessories.

Here are a few more pieces that took my eye.

It was a lovely night of fashion. Big thanks to the Ting and the Brum Bloggers for the Invitation.



Reviewed – Laurige Leather Travel Wallet From Pen Heaven

With holiday season almost upon us, now is the time to get travel organised. But in the times we live in, many prefer to travel light, sometimes hand luggage only, and we need to be sure that we can keep our travel documents, tickets and passport safe, without taking up to much space. The Laurige French leather travel wallet and document holder from Pen Heaven provides a way of keeping all those important travel docs and tickets safe, without taking up lots of room in our hand luggage.

Laurige Leather Wallet & Travel Document Holder – Red £59.90 Click to visit Pen Heaven

The wallet is made of beautiful French leather and comes in a range of shades including classic black and a stunning Parisian turquoise, but my wallet is in a striking, vibrant red shade that makes it easy to spot in my bag. The wallet is compact (Dimensions: H 105mm x W 190mm) and yet roomy enough for your credit cards, currency and those important travel documents. The inside flap has space for nine cards – more than enough for loyalty cards, credit and debit cards and any other cards you may be carrying. There is a zip compartment perfect for those euros or cents, as well as flap openings for banknotes. The second set of compartments also has window compartments that work well for photo ID and driving licenses.

The wallet is beautifully made and sleekly stylish. It would make a perfect gift for someone who travels a lot, but this would also work if you just wanted to use this as an everyday wallet, particularly if you are the kind of person who carries a lot of things in your purse. I love the fact that you can make this even more special and unique to yourself or a loved one by adding personalised embossing. I have my initials E.I on the front, but you could add a full name or something like ‘Emma’s Travels’ if you so wished.

Pen Heaven can always be relied upon as a mark of quality, and this is yet another stunning piece that will make your travels just that bit more organised.

You could check out  the Mr.Seiter site for more stylish options of wallets for both money and travel.