6 Must-Have Essentials for the Autumn Clutch Bag


Autumn is almost here. Along with the crisper and cooler temperatures and colourful leaves comes great excuses to eat delicious comfort food, dress in delightfully warm and stylish clothing and carry the perfect fall clutch to work or shopping.

While it is pretty easy to put whatever supplies you need in a regular-sized purse, carrying a clutch takes a bit more planning. Basically, you merely need to pare down what you carry while finding items that will do double duty whenever possible. For example, check out the following fall clutch essentials:

A Smartphone with a Great Camera

Instead of trying to stuff a regular bulky camera and your phone into your clutch, treat yourself to a new smartphone that has an amazing camera built right in. A perfect upgrade is the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge from a retailer like T-Mobile; this powerful and attractive device features a slim body that will fit perfectly into your autumn bag. Its powerful 12MP camera is capable of getting professional-looking shots, so if you are headed to a party, wedding or luncheon and want to snap some photos while you are there, the Galaxy S7’s camera can definitely handle it.

Small Hairbrush

Rather than the full-sized brush you might tote in your regular bag, get a mini brush for your clutch. This way, if your hair is windblown or gets rained on, you can quickly dash into the bathroom and detangle your hair. You can also toss a few bobbypins and hair bands into the clutch for those days when your hair is determined to do its own thing.

Pain Reliever

As Lauren Conrad notes, if you are prone to getting headaches, make sure your clutch has a small bottle of pain reliever. You should be able to find small bottles at the local drugstore or you can check out the travel section at a department store, as they often sell small and clutch-friendly versions of needed items.

A Complexion Fixer

A terrific must-have for any clutch is some sort of cosmetic complexion-fixer. That way, if you spot a blemish or anything else you want to cover on your skin, you’ll be ready. A great product that is compact is Charlotte Tilbury’s Miracle Wand for £29.00; the mini miracle eye wand will quickly and easily cover dark circles under your eyes, hydrate your skin with its built-in moisturizer and smooth out the appearance of bags and blemishes. This product is so compact and easy to use, you won’t ever be tempted to carry a bottle of concealer and face cream and messy makeup brush or sponges in your clutch again.

Mints or Gum

It never fails—you run into a good friend or cute guy right after finishing off a strong cup of coffee or spicy lunch. To enjoy a nice chat with either of them without offending them with your breath, make sure you always have mints or gum in your clutch. A small box of dental floss is also a good idea; if need be you can dash into the ladies’ room and remove the spinach salad from between your front teeth.

Stain Removing Pen

If you are prone to spilling soup, red wine or sauce on your nice blouse, add a stain removing pen to your list of fall clutch essentials. These small cleaning powerhouses will quickly remove the colorful blemish from your clothing and allow you to stay at the fall party longer instead of rushing home to change.




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