Bathtime Treats From Estia Soaps

I love discovering new pampering and beauty brands, and when the brand also uses natural ingredients, and also commits to helping the planet by avoiding excessive waste and use of plastic, then I like it even more. Estia Soaps is just such a brand. A brand with its origins in Greece, but now proudly made in Scotland, Estia has a basis in that most Mediterranean of ingredients, Olive Oil, and then uses other natural products to create products that are soothing, refreshing and utterly pampering. They are also great for the whole family and are truly affordable. What’s not to love!

I have been road testing some of the Estia Soaps key products recently and can honestly say that they are bathroom must haves.  They smell absolutely divine and give you that Greek holiday Spa treatment, but in the comfort of your own home, instantly transporting you back to fantastic holiday times in the sun, and leaving your skin feeling soft, refreshed and gloriously scented.

Minthi Natural scrub soap

The Minthi Natural Scrub Soap has already become a hero product in my house due to its gentleness, and yet hard wearing. This soap is inspired  by Minthe.

According to Greek mythology, when Persephone saw Minthe and Hades together, she was extremely jealous. She decided to take revenge, and started attacking Minthe who was transformed into the mint plant during the attach to survive. Each time Persephone stepped on her, it would reveal the delightful, minty scent.

This is a natural scrub which has made it perfect for my husband, who works in the building trade, so often has rough, calloused skin on his hands and knees, and also struggles to remove dirt that is embedded from dirty loft spaces. This soap works so well to remove grime and glue, and yet is still gentle to sensitive skin.

You can even use this on your hair once a week in order to exfoliate the scalp. As you can imagine, it leaves your hair and scalp feeling really fresh and clean.

Eros’ calming bath salts

If you are looking for a truly luxurious, pampering product, then the Eros Calming bath salts are the one for you. Combining the incredible scents of Ylang Ylang and Geranium essential oils, these salts can actually be used in both the bath and the shower for a heady, sensuous experience.

I love to put these in my bath late at night to help me relax before sleep. The scent is just lovely, and clings to the skin, and it is said the properties of the ingredients are also good for alleviating stress and depression.  I also love the fact that the packaging, which is super stylish and would make this a lovely end of year gift for a teacher, is biodegradable, and so is friendly for the environment, and that the product itself can be used sparingly, as you only need around a tablespoon in your bath and shower.


Bath time treats that also don’t cost the Earth in any sense, Estia Soaps certainly fit the bill.

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