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Buying Your First Car

You’ve done it. You’ve past your driving test. Finally you will have your own set of wheels, and with it, your independence. So now all you need to do is find a car, something that suits you, your style and your budget. And this is where you suddenly start to hit problems, having lots of questions that need answers as you try to find yourself a good, reliable car that is value for money and will be dependable. Not easy is it?

Motorparks ,who deal in both new and used cars and vans, promise you a better motoring experience, and to help you make the decision about whether to buy a new car or a used car, they have put together a very useful infographic which answers all those questions related to the pros and cons of both a new car straight from the showroom, or a used car from a dealer or private sale. There is information on car depreciation, finance, fuel economy and environmental issues and maintenance costs, and there is also a very interesting and informative section on what to look out for if you choose a used car as your option. Clocking, Cut and Shut and cloning (basically identity theft from cars) can all be major issues and you need to be aware of them when buying a second hand car, particularly in a private sale.

Motorparks - Buying your first car (full)

Another great online tool that could be very useful to a first time driver is the MOT expiry date checker from Accident Advice Helpline. It is so simple to use, simply input the registration number of your vehicle, and it will tell you the expiry date of your MOT, hopefully saving you from a hefty fine.

Ultimately, buying a car is down to you, your preferences, your circumstances and your budget. Just make sure that before you make the momentous decision, you have all the facts about the car, have asked all those all important questions, and are not sold something that you later live to regret.

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  • Kelsey

    That’s a very helpful infographic but i think the depreciation factor will always make me buy a used car, unless I win the lottery or end up in a very high paying job! Although my little Fiat was only 5 years old when I bought it, I love it.

  • Rhian

    Some great advice there. I was super lucky that I was passed down a car when I passed because I then knew who had previously owned it and it wasn’t a crappy old car. You have to take what you can get though x

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