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Casino fashions that influenced the runway with glamour and sparkle

When people think about casinos, it is safe to assume that glitz, glamour and good times won’t be too far from the brain. Picture James Bond; martini in hand, muscular-figure hugging tux and a rising stars of the modelling world on his arm. Then there’s Monte Carlo, the favourite playground of the rich and famous.

Moschino gambles on Las Vegas

The fashion and casino industries are bonding, Moschino presented a splashy Las Vegas-themed collection in LA in early 2017 and several other designers were expected to follow suite.

Miranda Kerr, Hailey Baldwin and Stella Maxwell were among the world-famous models strutting their stuff on the catwalk amid an assault on the senses of bright neon signs. The setting was completed by the sound of slot machines echoing distantly in the background before Elvis burst into ‘Viva Las Vegas’

The show consisted of everything from pin-up girl chic to very tight men’s Speedos, the sequin covered juggernaut came crashing into the casino capital of the world in style. There were dresses and designer Jeremy Scott said: ‘It’s the idea of a showgirl off-duty kind of going home from the casino. She may be just in her jeans, but still has part of her costume on and she’s running, maybe to go get something to eat between shows. I kind of wanted to play with this idea and it’s all with a little bit of glamour and love.’

‘There’s sequins and there’s laces and there’s leathers. A little bit of everything a showgirl in Vegas would need. Even a couple of feather headdresses thrown in for good measure,’ Scott added.

Vanessa Hudgens, Joe Jonas, Lars Ulrich from Metallica and singer Fergie, were all among the well-known celebrities to attend the event; with Fergie saying: ‘We are all driving to Vegas and we’re all getting cowboy hats and we’re gonna have a fun time on a road trip!’


Chanel bets on the runway

Back in 2015, designer Karl Lagerfeld looked to the casino floor for inspiration, setting an entire fashion show inside a constructed casino within the Grand Palais.

Celebrity guests, didn’t just take their seats in the front row; instead they opened the show by walking in and trying their hands at the Chanel-branded casino tables, which took centre stage in the middle of the runway.

Slot machines lined the walls of the space where models mingled and paparazzi pried.

The image of A-listers including Kristen Stewart, Julianne Moore and Lara Stone trying their luck at casino tables in immaculate Chanel couture really captured the essence of Bond in Monte Carlo; showing casinos a desirable place to be.

Although we don’t know if any of the celebs had any luck at the gaming table or if they were using any tips from Casinopedia’s online casino strategies.

Speaking about the show, Lagerfeld said: ‘I like that elegant moment of beautiful people going into a casino wearing jewellery. It’s like a fantasy.’

The celebrities were enlisted to model the 1932 Collection of Chanel jewellery based on vintage designs, with Moore wearing a necklace that glittered with diamonds down towards her emerald gown.

Models were wearing cocktail versions of the famous Chanel suit, complete with ribbons and clasps of pearls.

Although, it has to be said, most of the attention was on the runway guests and their poker face or ability to know whether to stick or twist.


Keeping it stylish: Casino dress codes

Dress code at land-based casinos varies from casino to casino, with some preferring to keep things casual, encouraging players from all walks of life and levels of society.

However, some still say tradition is a virtue and that on keeping up the strict adherence to glamour and style.

Chief amongst them is Monte Carlo, which has an infamously strict dress code.

To go along with its history, legendary décor and full range of casino tables, the wearing of ripped or stonewashed jeans is not allowed.

Sleeveless T-shirts, tracksuits, sports clothes and beachwear are all similarly forbidden. That’s not to say you have to wear a tux like Bond to get in, but you do have to make an effort.

Whether you’re dressed to kill in haute couture or keeping things comfortable, the real focus of your attention should be on the table.

That’s where the real magic happens. The style, glamour and sparkle of the casino adds to the appeal but the real reason you’re there is to win, and win big; or at least to try and win big anyway!

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