Comfort vs. Style: Is There a Middle Ground?

A new pair of shoes has the unexplainable power to make you feel boldly confident, femininely sexy, and solidly brave. The right pair of shoes can lengthen legs, make you appear taller and showcase to the world your own personal design style. Finding the right pair can be difficult though. The variety of shoes available on the market is so vast that even the most experienced shopper can be overwhelmed. With all the choices available, the question has to be asked; which is more important: style or comfort? And do you have to choose?

It’s sometimes difficult to comprehend why women wear shoes that are uncomfortable, especially when you hear about the pain and various ailments that accompany long term usage of troublesome shoes. Style is more important than comfort to many women, but there has to be a better solution. A middle ground where comfort and style magically blend and create the perfect pair of shoes. Here are a few tips to ensure you get the most enjoyment, pleasure, comfort, and satisfaction out of your stylish designer shoes.

Damira by Tsubo

Damira by Tsubo

Hulahoop by Spring Footwear

Hulahoop by Spring Footwear


The Fit

Any pair of shoes that doesn’t fit properly is going to be uncomfortable, especially after a long day of wear and usage. Heeled shoes tend to be even more painful if the fit isn’t just right. So when shopping for shoes, particularly heels, only buy a snug fit that isn’t too tight. Leave room for your feet to expand slightly in heat or with a lot of walking, and make sure your foot isn’t flopping around inside.

The Cushioning

Cushioning in shoes is very underrated. If you fall in love with a beautiful pair that doesn’t offer any comfy buffering, then consider purchasing a shoe insert that will keep your feet happy and comfortable all day long.

Depending on the slope or curvature of the shoe, it may be necessary to purchase silicone inserts that only support the ball or heel of your foot. Wherever you feel the most discomfort when you wear them is the area you need to focus the extra cushioning on.


The Weight

While it may seem pretty logical that a heavier weighted shoe is going to be slightly more uncomfortable than a lightweight one, the logic instantly vanishes when a trendy, heavy new shoe is seen on display. Before you buy, consider how often you will be wearing them and how much walking they will need to withstand. If they are an occasional shoe for events like girls night out, then it might be ok. If the shoes are going to be worn to work, then it may be another story.

Try to find a lightweight shoe that is comfortable and fits well without having to sacrifice on style. There are many high-end shoe designers introducing lighter weight options in trendy and fashionable styles that any girl would love. Don’t give in to weightier shoes without searching for a lighter weight option.

Amelia Avery by Clarks

Amelia Avery by Clarks


While it may seem virtually impossible for a girl to find a trendy, stylish pair of shoes that are also comfortable, it can be done. Shoes definitely have the potential to make you feel stronger, braver and more powerful. Time to shop for that perfect pair.

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