Diamond Engagement rings from Orla James

Marilyn Monroe said it best. A kiss on the hand may well be Continental, but when it comes to being a girls best friend, diamonds rate very highly. That most beautiful of stones has it all when it comes to class, elegance and luxury, so when it comes to choosing a ring as important as an engagement ring, diamonds are always a choice that rate very highly – it’s a forever ring after all, one that signifies a lifetime commitment to the person you love.


Orla James are a jewellery company with a difference. Offering a wide range of engagement and wedding rings that are ‘made with love in the UK’, Orla James understand that when it comes to a wedding ring, you need to get a feel for the piece on your finger. With this in mind, they offer a unique sampling service which quite literally allows you to try before you buy. Each ring has the option of requesting a sample at the cost of £2 each, the samples are unhallmarked silver versions of rings, these can give you some idea of how the ring will look when it is actually sitting pride of place on your finger. I think this is an amazing and useful idea that will help you find exactly the right ring for you.


But back to engagement rings. The diamond engagement rings by Orla James are guaranteed to be conflict free – no blood diamonds for this company. Each ring can be made in a range of precious metals, from white and yellow gold, to wonderful precious platinum. The diamonds can also be cut in round or princess designs, with different carats and claw settings. You choose your diamond, your design preference and your metal, and then receive a beautiful ring that has been totally tailor made to your specific requirements. Now, what could be more romantic than that?






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5 thoughts on “Diamond Engagement rings from Orla James

  1. What pretty rings – I love my engagement rock, am saving up for a sister ring for my right hand one day!

  2. These are just beautiful… makes me excited to get engaged one day! Love love love!! Jess x

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