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Elizabeth Arden All Over Miracle Oil.

Many products make the claim to be ‘miracle products’, particularly when it comes to beauty. There are products that will take years off you, inches off you, add a glow you never had before, and generally turn you from tired mother into supermodel with just a few days of usage. In fact, most miracle products are pedestrian at best, and certainly not worth the cost paid for them.

But one product that I have always classed as a miracle product, and one which I am never without, is my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. I use it for everything, from sunburnt shoulders and face, to chapped lips, to adding a sheen on my cheekbones. My husband is not adverse to pinching a little for dry skin, and I’ve even used it on my 7 year old to add a little moisture. It is truly a miracle product, so when I heard that Elizabeth Arden was launching an all over miracle oil, that could even be used on hair, using eight hour cream formulations, I knew that this was one product I really wanted to use.



The Oil promises to deliver intensive, all over moisturisation, that would last for up to 12 hours. The idea being you could have your morning shower, towel dry, and then use this to moisturise your body, face and neck, and then even rub it into your hair, from the tips to the roots. The oil contains Tsubaki Oil, Vitamin E and other botanical, natural products that nourish and protect the skin.



I have to say I really like this product, the smell is soft and fresh, not like the scent of Eight Hour Cream which can be very overpowering and medicinal. The oil is not greasy, it is easily absorbed by the skin, but does leave a healthy shine once it is applied, so use sparingly on the face. The fact that this is a pump action spray bottle is a real bonus, it stops you from wasting the oil, and also makes it brilliant for traveling – especially for air journeys where the moisture seems to be totally sucked from your skin – this is instant hyration, a real treat for the skin.



I especially like how this feels on the face and neck. I suffer from dry patches around the edges of my face, and my neck can feel particularly parched and dry at times. I love that this is an instant pick up, your skin feels softer and smoother as soon as it is applied, and, using it daily, I can really see an improvement in my skin condition.

It seems that Elizabeth Arden may indeed have another product that can truly be described as ‘Miracle’.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Miracle Oil, 100ml £29 Click to visit John Lewis
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Miracle Oil, 100ml £29 Click to visit John Lewis

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