Enjoying The World’s No1 Sports Drink

Gatorade is the world’s number one sports drink. It is a carbohydrate-electrolyte sports drink that comes in a range of flavours and is designed to maintain endurance performance and to enhance the absorption of water during physical exercise. It is the perfect drink to take to the gym, to the track, and to the football pitch. In fact, for any activity where you are going to be using lots of energy and building up a sweat, Gatorade will enable you to replenish your fluids and perform better.

My son Joe is extremely active. He plays for a football team and trains twice weekly with them. He also plays for the WBA foundation once a week, plays school sport 4 times weekly, and boxes on Fridays. He takes a drink with him as he builds up a sweat and uses lots of energy, but he is not a fan of water, and we found that during training he was sometimes not drinking enough, which led to a loss of energy and a drop in his performance levels.

He now takes a bottle of Gatorade with him to each training session. The 500ml sports drinks bottles are easy to open and close and are non spill. There are a range of flavours including Cool Blue (Joe’s favourite), Red Orange, Orange and Lemon. The drinks taste great, and if you are interested in trying them all, Amazon has a pack that includes 12 bottles (3 of each flavour), along with a cool towel and a Gatorade squeeze bottle. This is a great way of getting to know the brand.

The Gatorade drinks taste great and have been a real success story in my house. We reserve these for sports time only, they are sports drinks and so not just for after school, but when they are used correctly, they are a great way of putting the energy and hydration back into the body.

18 thoughts on “Enjoying The World’s No1 Sports Drink

  1. My son (9) is turning into quite the athlete (primarily baseball). I had to up the Gatorade in the house because he’s really going all in this Summer.

    My daughter (now 5) is starting to come into her own with gymnastics. She too drinks Gatorade regularly.

    Awesome post

  2. Gatorade is definitely one of kids’ favorite drinks. Especially during the summer when we’re the most active.

  3. This is funny because growing up I didn’t like Gatorade. I actually still prefer water. However I have grown very found of the blue Gatorade. I’m not sure what the flavor is but I really like it.

  4. Gatorade is such a classic sports drink!
    Definitely has kept me from getting dehydrated on numerous occasions.
    Was pretty much a life saver as a kid, too, after dealing with the flu and needing to restore electrolytes!

  5. as an active family we are with you on this! gatorade is our go to when busy and on the run with sports and activities

  6. I’ve been a Gatorade fan since day 1. Not because I like to drink it but because of NBA superstars who drinks it. This is my type of drink.

  7. I have never loved love Gatorade but have found it so very useful for so many different reasons. Sports was just one of them. When I got food poisoning it helped me get through with that as well. Definitely multipurpose.

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