Fashion accessories which always work

Creating a unique and impeccable outfit is a big challenge especially with regard to accessories. The reason for that is simple: Some accessories just do not fit the personal style and one has to change them with every outfit. Yet, there are also some fashion items which always work as accessories because they do not simply look gorgeous and timeless, but also fulfill a function beyond embellishing their wearer.

Trends 2012/2013

It is always worth looking at what key designers and celebrities have created and worn at the latest fashion shows in order to find the perfect functional accessory for oneself. Two women who have roused attention this year are Kate Bosworth and Victoria Beckham. In Kate’s collection, bags play an important role. Indeed, you cannot go wrong with these trustworthy companions no matter what you are wearing. They keep the purse, the mobile phone and the makeup safe inside and individualize the personal look through either classic leather cuts and twists or colorful prints. Another accessory which needs no excuse at all is a wristwatch. There are classic designer pieces like luxurious Omega watches which embellish the wrist and are always ready to tell their wearer the time at one glance. The jewels, the silver and golden watch cases, the leather straps and the classic designs of these timepieces also have a further advantage: They are often not immediately perceived as accessories, but add an air of seriousness to the wearer.

Functional fashion

As accessories can be functional, fashion can be functional too. In the approaching winter seasonal scarves, gloves and hats in bi-colored patterns will be keeping many people’s necks, hands and heads warm. Since these can be exchanged and combined in various ways, these fashion items can be viewed as perfect accessories as well.


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