Fashion Focus: Matalan’s Fab Accessories

Non essential shops are finally allowed to open, and although there are no changing rooms open and social distancing measures are in place, it does mean that you can now physically go out and see fashion in the flesh, so to speak.

Matalan were one of the first stores to re-open, as they have a large homewares section as well as clothes for all ages. This was a bit of a bonus to me as I needed to get school uniform for Joe and they had a deliver to store option, so I was able to get out, and actually walk around a real shop, one that wasn’t the Coop. For a shopaholic like me this was such a treat (I’m thinking the pubs opening will be the same for most people.)

Social distancing measures are in place, like hand sanitiser on entry, and arrows to indicate your route around the store, but as the branch of Matalan I use is enormous, it felt pretty normal and fairly stress free. There was rather a lot of sale items, to be expected, but also some really lovely accessories that were definitely made for warm days.

I took a few snaps as I made my way around.

Here are some things that I really liked, and, being Matalan, all affordably priced too.

I love these colourful use every day, go everywhere bags. The range of colours mean that they will match with anything, and they are also light, great for those days when you have bare shoulders or are just wearing a vest top.

The Papaya range has some lovely accessories, and I love this headband that is very Gossip Girl/Audrey Hepburn. In fact, I liked this so much I bought it for my sister-in-law.

Shell jewellery is another Summer staple, and these earrings are just gorgeous and look so much more expensive than £6.50. Perfect with your Summer maxi for beachy, boho vibes.

I love the gorgeous mustard colour of these sandals, and the slight wedge means they will be very comfortable too. The week after I snapped these, my sister bought them so obviously great minds think alike. These have a definite Boden feel to them, agree?

I love this. It is perfect if you are heading to a beach this Summer, you can put a wet bikini in it. But if not, why not use it for your face mask, hand sanistiser etc. A really good little storage bag.

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