Make A Garden Room Your New Home Office

The Lockdown has created many different situations when it comes to the world of work. Many people, who for years had traveled to and from the office in order to work, suddenly found themselves forced into a situation where they have had to work from home, and home offices have suddenly become a talking point. And where some people are lucky enough to have an actual home office to work in, others have found themselves working on the kitchen table, or with a laptop perched on their knees. It’s hardly been ideal!

A year on from the initial lockdown, and still in the mire of Lockdown 3, it is clear that for some people, returning to the office will never actually happen, and something that was once a temporary measure may now be the new way of working. Creating an actual working office space as a permanent feature could now be the answer to working from home woes, but if space in your house is at a premium, maybe a garden room office could be a solution.

Garden Rooms offer a beautiful space that is totally conducive to working. The fact that you physically leave your house can get you into that working mood, even if you are just walking across a patch of grass to start work. A garden room allows you to keep your work and home separate by giving you a quiet space to work in, but also a space where you can keep notice boards, whiteboards and any other work related displays that enable you to do your job.

The beauty of a garden room, if designed by a company like Modern Garden Rooms is that they create your own bespoke space, so you choose the size of your building, how many windows and where you want them, the height of your room in case you have taller furniture that needs to be accommodated, literally your own design. The rooms also come fully insulated, and with power sockets for your laptop and printer. The real beauty though, is that you are able to bring your gorgeous garden into your room, giving you lots of inspiration and calm through the flora and fauna.

If you know that your working from home situation is likely to be long term, and you’ve been struggling to find a working space, it is well worth considering a home office in a garden room, particularly as we head into Spring, a new working space could help in so many ways.

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