November Rain Ponchos – Made for the British Weather

If there is one thing we are guaranteed in Britain, whether it is Winter of Summertime, it is that we will have some rain. Summer holidays, bank holiday day trips, festival season, all of these events can be blighted by the inclement conditions of the weather. So it pays to be prepared, especially if you can do this in a fashionable and practical way. The ponchos from November Rain allow you to do just that, whilst also giving a little bit back in terms of supporting water related charities.

The ponchos from November Rain have just launched in the UK, after being very successful in America. The brainchild of Belinda Coker, who was the lady behind the Envirosax, the original reusable bag, the ethos behind November Rain ponchos is of a ‘… stylish rain poncho that gives you a waterproof covering at the same time allowing you to carry on your normal activities…’ It is designed to give you the coverage of a poncho, but with sleeve holes so that you are not restricted when you have things to hold – whether it be shopping bags or you child’s hand. It also has a hood, so you can leave your umbrella at home too.

I have been trialing the November Rain poncho in the plain design, which is a beautiful shade of Ocean Blue (there are also printed designs available). The first thing I love about it is the practicality of the product. It comes folded in a little waterproof bag which means it is perfect to have in the car, in your bag, or to pack for traveling.  Basically you can take it with you wherever you go.


The design is practical, but also stylish. This is no poncho like those you get for wet rides at theme parks, this is a smart design with sleeves, and great quality Satin Polyester with a strong waterproof backing. The hood is detachable, so if you are not keen on that look you can change it, and with the heat sealed seams you are assured that this is fully waterproof. The design means that you could easily wear this over your outdoor coat and jacket if you happen to be caught in the rain.

I’m heading to Wales for Easter and just know I will be living in this. It is stylish, practical and perfect for Spring Showers or heavy downpours. You can currently buy it from Amazon for £49. Click here to view.




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